A current and contemporary house

A current and contemporary house

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In an urbanization on the outskirts of Madrid is this newly built house, which became A very lively home thanks to its decoration. The living room is distributed without obstacles in two areas, delimited by carpets, and extends on a large terrace. The concept that supports all interior design is a contemporary and contemporary aesthetic, based on basic furniture that imposes its presence thanks to textiles, paintings and accessories.

With a pleasant feeling of fluidity and continuity the environments follow each other. On the ground floor the living room communicates with the hall through a sliding door and shares space with the kitchen, a toilet and the terrace. The upper level is occupied by the most private rooms: bedrooms and bathrooms. Light is the driving axis in this house where plates and paintings fill spaces dressed with expertise by Rocío and Eugenia Heredia, the decorators in charge of interior design. Although as connected through an invisible thread, each of the rooms transforms a neutral background into beige, stone and white tones with lively licenses in the living room, in the kitchen, in the master bedroom and in the children's room through Indigo blue, mustard yellow, discrete notes of red and apple green. Only the kitchen moves away from the predominant style and is inspired by the Nordic design with wood and white furniture and an original dining room.

A plant without complications, a comfortable distribution and quality finishes as a basic guideline, The H2i Studio masterfully executed a decoration project It conveys tranquility and order.

This property belongs to the Los Altos de Pozuelo promotion, promoted by Bimarán and built by Ferrovial-Agromán. More information at //

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This house gives prominence to its content. In a lively play of shapes, the combination of geometric lines - curves and straight lines - enriches the composition in the room.
Coffee table, from Guadarte.

A 30 m² terrace

The particular cosmopolitan style that is breathed inside the house is also reflected in the magnificent terrace, conceived as an extension of the living room. The design is molded, inside and outside, in eclectic style pieces and colors that alternate between neutral, black and blue.
On the terrace: tables, designed by the H2i studio. Armchairs, from Kentto. Turquoise cushions, similar in Habitat.

Outdoor lounge

To decorate the terrace it is important to choose furniture made of weather-resistant materials, but you can incorporate a specific, more delicate and sophisticated piece that brings attractive appeal. Look here at the round pouf.
Red and white cushions, from Anmoder.

A dining room on the terrace

Don't you have space for a dining area on the terrace? Put a buffet table on which to present the food. You only need auxiliary seats.
Screen, from Thai Natura. Bank, similar in Hanbel.

Seating area

In this house everything is light and color.
B&B sofa. Cushions in blue and white, by Anmoder. Blanket, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera.

Decorative details

With a youthful spirit, although with a family character, interior design is defined through basic pieces, dotted with accessories that introduce particularity.
Fish, from Becara. Starfish by Anmoder.

A living room

The simplicity of the furniture chosen betrays the objective of this project: textiles, accessories, auxiliaries, paintings and sheets that give that air lived to the environments.
Black pouf, for sale in Becara.

Balance and serenity in the dining room

This image shows the transition between the living room and the dining room, chaired by a painting and equipped with a wooden table and four metal chairs. A very warm resource: carpet overlay. On a neutral model, which defines the area of ​​being, an animal skin stands out.
Dining table, similar in Hanbel. Chairs, similar in Supersrest. Round black pouf, for sale in Becara.

Personal corners

The functional coexists with the aesthetic. Bet on the practicality of furniture, but without neglecting compositions that give off magic. Enjoy the floral arrangements.

A lot of art

Hanging on the walls or supported on a piece of furniture, the paintings are present in this house in each of the rooms. Also in a contemporary style they put color notes.
Wicker lanterns, for sale in Habitat.

Receiver in perspective

In this house the functionality prevails in the distribution -with a rational distribution of the spaces- and the aesthetics refined in the chosen materials: floating oak flooring in the floor of the living area, dining room and in the bedrooms, and porcelain flooring in the hall, kitchen and bathrooms.

A kitchen in white and wood

White furniture, with smooth fronts and with tubular steel handles in the low modules are combined with open shelves in beech wood in the upper area. A steel front protects the wall of the work area from splashes and stains.
Furniture, from Badila. On the hob: pot, for sale in Habitat.

Dining room

Casual and warm at the same time. The office of this kitchen stands out for its original layout and the chosen furniture. With the predominance of wood (both in Venetian window and furniture), a low L-shaped shelf delimits the area. The chairs have been replaced by colored stools.
Table, stools and glass glasses, Habitat. Frutero, from Anmoder. Cloths, from Zara Home.

The children's room

Yellow, pink, strawberry, green, white ... The variety of shades avoids a formal look for a girl's bedroom. With the right pieces, the right textiles and accessories chosen, the result is fun and very appropriate to grow in time with the little one, her tastes and needs.
Bed, bedside table, wicker chair, carpet and sideboard, from Ikea. Blanket, quilt and cushion of geese, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera.

A bedroom in balance

The mix of pieces brings freshness to the master bedroom: a low console as a bedside table and nest tables in the opposite. This has broken the traditional symmetry that usually dominates the headboard wall.
The upholstered headboard is from Montes Upholstery. Tray, from Zara Home.

Cushions with animal motifs

Textiles are the key point and bring refinement to the room. Animal motifs have become essential in deco. You still have not dared with this trend? Start with some sheets or some cushion. It will be just the beginning of a great friendship.
Bedding from Zara Home.

Deco bedside tables

The accessories: they are a sure value to extol the charm of a piece of furniture or to personalize a corner. Vases, lamps, deco figures ...
Side table type nest, similar in Habitat. Lamp, similar to Ikea.

Bathroom for two

A flown countertop supports two square sinks, in a total white composition. Washbasins, from Ideal Standard. Single lever taps, Tres. White countertop, by Compac. Towels, from Zara Home. Candles and soaps, from Habitat. The paintings come from Ikea.

Plan and distribution of housing

Project ideas:

- The spatial organization It has achieved clear environments, which transmit calm through the decoration. The materials used in the project, the tones and the finishes both in textiles and pieces of furniture, give the whole a peaceful feeling of calm.

- The large terrace It is an extension of the common interior area. The decoration is the conductive nexus that prevents an aesthetic fracture, although the oak flooring inside gives way to a porcelain floor that is more resistant to weather conditions.

- A hundred percent natural base. The white background accentuates the strengths of the house: spaciousness, luminosity and fluidity, which are adorned with contemporary details. With them the house acquires that cosmopolitan essence that shows in each environment.