A modern rehabilitation of a stately home

A modern rehabilitation of a stately home

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An old manor house, located in Carrer del Lleó in Pollença (north of Mallorca), was built 150 years ago by a distinguished Mallorcan family.

When acquired by its current owners at the end of 2012 it was somewhat neglected. It was necessary to rebuild it and give it the air they wanted. The restoration process was considered as a return to the basic structure of the house, with its different heights and different rooms.

The house has a spacious patio with pool, in addition to the outdoor terraces with which it has at different levels of construction.

In the reform the original architecture was respected while combining the elements with a new and modern approach. The house is designed to be used all year. It should be fresh and shaded in summer and bright, comfortable and cozy in winter.

All the ideas, of the owners and designers, were put in common with the Mallorcan architect Jaume Alomar, organized by LF91 Project Management. The construction company was EPIC and its artisans.

Advertising - Read on below An outdoor patio with minimal essence

View of the patio and the pool of the house.

Outdoor seating area

Of straight and current lines in the furniture.

Continuity of spaces

View of the rooms in continuity with the arched steps and the exposed beams of the ceiling.

The ladder, a well integrated element

Detail of the staircase through which the upper floor is accessed, with a glass railing, which less visually hinders.

The weight of the coatings

A mix between Nordic design and warm minimalism is felt in these spaces where the weight of the cladding and architectural elements is undeniable.

A module with several functions

Detail of the module that houses the fireplace and separates the dining area.

The dinner room

In this environment the mix of styles is the protagonist. Here very current pieces coexist with other elements recovered from the house, such as the showcases or cupboards that guard the table.

The dining room in detail

Several ceiling lamps with black screens hang between the ceiling beams. What a great visual force!

Yesterday and today

Detail of the doors of the cupboard recovered from the dining room.

The kitchen, in wood

Wood brings warmth even in the kitchen, always in a very natural tone.

Detail of kitchen stools Main bedroom

On the floor, as a carpet, hydraulic tiles that blend with the wood. On the walls, smooth paint and exposed stone, so as not to lose the essence of the original architecture of the area.

Full bathroom

In this bathroom the sink is embedded between two partitions.

Shower and bath

With an open layout, without boundaries, the bathtub shares space with the shower.

Bedroom with bunk beds Another of the bathrooms With lots of natural light

In this bathroom the light also seeps through the window. The front of the sink is double.

Space for music

Here, a space for music with the piano. Highlights the floor glass that communicates visually with the lower floor.

One more floor

Detail of the stairs through which the third floor is accessed from space with the piano.

A railing that is integrated into the decoration

The glass railing does not set limits on space.

A multifunction room

With convertible armchairs in bed this room is designed to share. In the upper area, open warehouse space.

The facade of the house

This is the facade of this stately home.