Tips to make eating pizza healthier

Tips to make eating pizza healthier

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We all know that we will never be able to maintain a healthy diet if we deprive ourselves of the things we like most. And we love pizza, so we wanted to investigate if there was a way to eat pizza a little healthier.

And it turns out yes! Moreover, there are several, according to nutritional scientist and chef Toral Shah. And most importantly, none of them will change the taste we all know and love.

These are the changes you must make if you are ordering pizzas:
1. Order fine base. Avoid thick dough pizzas (type bread) and you will avoid a few calories and carbohydrates. In addition, thick pizzas often have many more ingredients and cheese.

2. Remove part of the oil. Many pizza chains use a fatty cheese that releases a lot of oil when the pizza is baked. Each teaspoon of oil has approximately 40 kcal and 4.5 g of fat, so taking a second to remove some of that fat reduces calories and fat content.

3. Eat it from a plate, Not directly from the box. Eating food from a smaller plate deceives the brain by believing you have eaten more, so you will be full sooner.

4. Cut the smaller portions. It operates the same technique as when eating on a smaller plate.

5. Avoid certain ingredients. Forget about fatty sausages and pepperoni, extra cheese, creamy sauces and stuffed bases, to save on the amount of fat and calories you are consuming.

6. Add certain ingredients. It is the ideal time to load the pizza with vegetables and meet the challenge of more than 5 servings a day, and to increase your nutrient intake. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, zucchini, eggplants are great. Serrano ham and other lean meats are also good sources of protein and flavor.

7. Don't ask for a base with padding. Yes, they are delicious, but they are often filled with cheese and butter, which will increase calories and fat content.

8. Ask with less cheese than usual. If you can order double cheese on pizza, you can also order half of it. This will save you calories and extreme saturated fat.

Changes you must make if you prepare pizza at home:
9. Use whole wheat flour if you are making your own dough. The white flour is refined, which means that the fibrous husk of the wheat has been removed, leaving only the starch. Our bodies quickly turn it into sugar. But if you use whole wheat flour, a complex carbohydrate, you get all the nutrients and it will make you feel fuller for longer.

10. Make your own tomato sauce. Prepare the sauce at home, since prepared sauces often have a lot of sugar. Add onions, carrots and other vegetables for a sauce loaded with vegetables.

11. Use vegetables as ingredients. Spinach, kale or chard will give your pizza an extra touch of nutrients.

12. Use fresh buffalo mozzarella. Not only does it have much more flavor, but it only has 22% fat and is loaded with protein, unlike cheddar cheese, for example, which has 45% fat. Feta, ricotta or goat cheese are also good options for low-fat cheeses.