A brand new house

A brand new house

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The usual thing when someone buys a flat house is to release it without making any modifications. However, the owners of this apartment were not convinced of some of the finishes that included - walls painted with gotelé, oak doors ... - which they considered too conventional, nor their distribution. His dream was to live in a house outside the traditional, original and different canons. The Global Start studio, with interior designer Luis Cuevas at the helm, was in charge of the project. His first step was to tear down doors and unnecessary walls to leave an empty space in which to start working freely.

The ceilings were raised to the maximum possible, an air conditioning system was installed by grilles - practically invisible - and the heating was renewed with design radiators. The I usually was replaced by oak wood Dutch with a treatment hardwax, a combination of wax and oil that keeps the pore open and enhances the natural beauty of the lama. On the walls the drop was removed and white satin enamel was applied, washable and with a silky texture. As for the distribution, we opted for sliding doors embedded in the wall, which allow compartmentalization of environments or create open spaces according to each moment. In those cases in which it was decided to install swing doors, of traditional opening, discrete models were commissioned, without frames, which extend to the ceiling to achieve a higher visual sensation. The cabinets also received special treatment. Custom designed by Luis Cuevas, they were completed with smooth fronts so that they merged visually with the wall and integrated to the maximum in the decoration.

Of the entire project, designed by Globlal Start and carried out by the Contratas y Servicios Car S.L. reform team, the master bedroom is probably the space preferred by its owners. They wanted a unique area in distribution and design. With the dressing room and bathroom integrated, highlights the glazed shower. his digital faucet, without visible controls, allows you to select on a touch screen the on and off, the temperature, the start-up of the sprayer or the desired effect on the water: rain, massage ...

The lighting deserved special attention: the lamps work with dimmers; each cabinet has interior light; The curtains include backlit galleries that achieve an attractive effect and in the corridor, LEDs of 1 cm in diameter were embedded in the wall to illuminate the floor at night.

Advertising - Keep reading under Red armchair

In the living area, the red armchair contrasts with the sofa and tables, both auxiliary and center. The note of intense color enhances the predominance of white and adds character.Sofá y armchair, by Blasco
& Blasco. Tables, custom designed by Luis Cuevas. Cushions and plaid, by Gancedo. The lamp was purchased at Colonial Club.

Ceramic center in green moss

Interior designer Luis Cuevas planned the TV cabinet. The model, made of DM and lacquered in white, has a large storage capacity.
Its content is hidden with discretion behind doors that, lacking visible handles, merge with the wall. On the sideboard, ceramic center in green moss, by Indietro.

Colored beetles

The Global Start studio installed sliding doors in the hall, which allow a flexible distribution of space. When you want to feel more spacious in the room, the sheet is embedded in the wall and disappears visually. In case you want to make it independent from the rest of the house, the sheet moves and the living area is hidden from the entrance. On the coffee table: beetles, Zara Home, and centers of jars with plants, Jacaranda Flor Design. MDF dining table. Chairs DSWby Charles and Ray Eames.

Empty frames, gold and black

On the sideboard. Look at this original proposal. Empty frames, gold and black of different sizes, rest on the wall and form a charming composition. Next to it, a fan shows a coral, from Zara Home.

Carpet and mirror

The passage to the living room was left clear to facilitate a smooth flow through the house. The carpet and a mirror on the wall delimit the space that corresponds to the dining area.
The carpet and the mirror are from Indietro.

Cushions with cheerful dieños

Stamped With the nearness of spring, you want to change textiles for cheerful designs that cool the house. The geometric patterns in blue and red combined with the color white, are a safe bet. Cushions, by Gancedo.

King size radiators

When renovating the heating installation, Luis Cuevas chose radiators king size -in the image, between the two windows-. Its marked verticality achieves an interesting visual effect: the ceiling seems farther from the ground, although its height is actually standard. Curtains, by Nathurai Cotton. The tray, utensils and blue vases are from Zara Home.

Leaf embedded in the wall

The kitchen door was replaced by a recessed sheet in the wall, which allowed to install more furniture in the space that remained behind the original model, previously wasted. The high cabinets were limited to the number of essential modules, so that the environment was clearer.
Furniture, by Insitu Kitchens.

Metal structure bar

In the wall with less background a small bar with metal structure and envelope matching the kitchen cabinets was created, which was completed with two stools. Perfect for breakfast or having a quick dinner, it has an added advantage: diverting the attention of the radiator that, half hidden, now almost goes unnoticed.

Slate effect paint

On the wall of the breakfast area, the Global Start studio team combined the white tiles that included the original house with slate-effect paint. In it you can remember an important appointment or write down the shopping list. The goal, says Luis Cuevas, was to create "a corner that is alive." The clothesline door, made of transparent glass, showed the washing machine, clothes hanging and other views without any interest. To avoid them, Global Start designed a translucent vinyl with the phrase "Bon appetit" in different languages ​​and with different orientations, which was attached to the door.

White shelves

In the children's bedroom a custom composition was made with shelves that frame the bed, located next to the window. The shelves, in white for the environment to be clear, have the perfect background to place dolls and, in the near future, reading books.
Furniture made by Mobel K-6.

Cushions with classic print

Without characters Surely your child feels
passion for protagonists of movies or series. But such prints are often difficult to combine. It uses better cushions unrelated to the merchandising.

Sliding glass door

The rest area becomes independent from the bathroom thanks to a sliding translucent glass door that slides parallel to the shower cube by means of a guide in the ceiling. Below, detail of the headboard, a design by Luis Cuevas with panels of different widths upholstered in velvet and satin.

Printed bedding

Bedding and plaid, by Gancedo. Bedside tables designed by Luis Cuevas.

Bed with cushions

The bed is the resting area par excellence. But also, the one that invites you to relax while browsing Micasa or take the opportunity to surf the net with your favorite devices. If you decorate the bed with cushions, you will find it more pleasant. These are from Gancedo.

Camouflaged Office

In the sideboard designed by Luis Cuevas a closet was reserved to install inside the computer and the essential elements in a work corner. The height is ideal as a table, and the module includes independent lighting.

Coat rack in the children's bedroom

Tomorrow I'm going to wear ... In the children's bedroom, the bottom of the bookcase was left without shelves. The space was used to fix a clothes rack where the next day's clothes were prepared.

Polished cement walls and floor

The bathroom, integrated into the master bedroom, was lined with polished concrete walls and floor. The sink, surrounded by two glass cubes, occupies the center of the space. To the right were the bidet and the toilet. And on the left, the shower was installed, with the plate at the same level as the floor, a built-in ceiling sprinkler and digital taps. Taps, from Tres. The washbasin cabinet with turned legs and lacquered in high gloss is a Global Start design. Towels, from Zara Home.

House plan

House distribution plan.