A floor with porch and garden

A floor with porch and garden

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After much reading and enjoying the decoration magazines and, specifically, with, the owner of this house was encouraged to decorate it. With ideas and solutions he had seen on our pages, he was choosing materials and finishes. He also studied which distribution was the most appropriate for his apartment: a low with porch and garden; at this point, the high ceiling height which allowed to optimize the space, create a feeling of more spaciousness and at the same time give a loft air to the house.

Among the successes, the visual impact he achieved in the dining room and bedroom, painted in white, with the chromatic contrast on a wall. In both the slate gray acquires total prominence. The fusion between interior and exterior was also one of the objectives of the owner. To do this, he proposed the porch as a living area, decorated in white, that could be used all year round through the installation of a mobile cover. In addition, the creation of three levels in the master bedroom taking advantage of the height of the ceiling, he achieved a more intimate atmosphere for the bed, located in a loft; but it also meant gaining space for a large dressing room and a spacious bathroom.

As for the decoration, the starting point was the treatment given to the walls and ceiling. To prevent the brick from the walls having too much presence and conditioning the choice of furniture and upholstery, he decided to hide it behind white walls. Even so, the brick is visible in its encounter with the beams, to give it a rustic and natural air, to which the original vaults of the house also contribute. Thus, creating environments to your liking, with diverse textures and mixed styles, the owner has seen how her dream has come true.

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Decorated in white, to achieve a plus of luminosity, this living area is protected from stifling heat in summer and low temperatures in winter through a mobile cover. Several poufs and a low coffee table take advantage of this space, without reloading it. White custom poufs. Table from antique dealer. Cushions and mattresses, from Filocolore.

Connected dining room, lounge and porch

The distribution of the environments in the living room and the breadth of access to the porch make the circulation between interior and exterior more fluid. The visual connection was guaranteed through the large glass doors. Dining table, Habitat. Chairs, from Vitra. Tray and box, from Cado. Ceiling lamps, by Biosca & Botey.

Mix of tissues in the living area

The furniture of this environment gain relief with its diverse textures. The velvety sofa corduroy, the sparkles of the long-haired carpet and the worn-out leather of the armchair enrich the decoration. The natural wood side table, a success, in harmony with the rest of the pieces. Sofa with chaise longue, from the firm Joquer. Cushions, from Filocolore. Side table, Natura Casa. Round poufs Round Cool model, Woodnotes, and carpet, distributed by Francisco Cumellas.

Environments that gain in clarity

The brick seen, original of the house, was almost completely hidden behind white walls to provide maximum luminosity to the interior. On the roof, the vaults and the viguería remained to grant authenticity and give a rustic air to the house. Antiquarian armchair, with cushion and plaid, from Filocolore.Box, for sale in Cado. Floor lamp, by Pilma.

Open environments

A double sliding door communicates or separates the living room and the kitchen, according to needs. It also facilitates the passage of natural light to a darker area of ​​the house. This effect was achieved by translucent frames and white carpentry, so that it blends with the walls. With the same criteria the hall door was chosen.

Wall painted in slate gray

With this color, which bursts into the clarity of the room, the room gains visual depth. A matte tone, so resounding, becomes a focal point, while making the dining room more cozy and exclusive, decorated with a successful fusion of styles. Sideboard, from Tierra Azul. In the tray and the source, individual and cloth napkins in roll, of the signature Mydrap. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

In the kitchen, white and gray binomial

The dimensions of the passage to the kitchen and its furniture in white create a feeling of greater breadth. Equipped with white furniture and countertop, slate flooring, by contrast, becomes the surprise factor. Kitchen furniture, from In Studio. Appliances, from Gorenje. Countertop, from the firm Silestone.

Clean design in the kitchen furniture

Smooth doors, bar handles and white purity define the style of this kitchen, with a timeless aesthetic. A large and minimalist clock placed above the furniture highlights the high ceiling height in this area.

Sleep in a loft

Distributing the bedroom on three levels allowed to optimize its space. In a loft the rest area was located; below, a large and well-lit dressing room; From this one, some steps lead to the bathroom. The ceiling, the hanging lamps, the large window and the railing make it a loft. Lamps, by Biosca & Botey. Commodes, from Ikea.

Bedroom, intimate space

It was achieved with the location of the bed in the loft and the feeling of refuge and tranquility was reinforced with the use of color and fabrics. The slate-colored wall creates an atmosphere of calm and warmth, ideal for resting. Pilma's bed. Quilt, quadrants, cushions and plaid, from Filocolore. Coffee tables, from Tierra Azul. Articulated lamps, by Biosca & Botey. Armchair, from Little House. Picture, from Cado.

Bright bathroom

In the bathroom, taps, Hansgrohe and towels, Filocolore.

The children's bedroom

The white furniture is combined with the gray of the bedding and the wallpaper that protects the wall and makes the room more cozy. The burgundy stripes of the latter and the strokes of the same tone on some cushions encourage decoration. VTV bed. Ikea game table and shelves. Quilt and cushions, Texture and Zara Home. Mural, by Mireia Comas.

Plane and decorative ideas

- The bases of this decorative project are white in walls and warm wood in floor and ceilings. Homogeneity conveys harmony; It is also elegant.
- Dining room and bedroom become more personal environments with a radical color change.
- A dark and matt color on a wall, such as slate gray, forest green, navy blue, eggplant ... it alters the chromatic unity. But, if the place to apply it is well chosen, the space gains visual strength. The same impact is achieved with a large picture or picture.