A small apartment of 50 m²

A small apartment of 50 m²

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Although a 50 m² flat is not exactly spacious, it is more than enough for a single person. To the owner of this apartment, a young woman looking for a house in Madrid to become independent, it seemed perfect. Despite being a first floor, it had large windows and open space in front of them, which allowed the passage of abundant natural light. Further, It had an ideal distribution that did not require costly works, and facilities in good condition that were not necessary to renovate. Therefore, once the house was acquired, the owner limited herself to making some adjustments that would take more advantage of the space. For example, the kitchen was somewhat narrow, and so that it would not be overwhelming to work on it, on the wall that makes the kitchen room independent, two openings have been made with glass that visually extend the space to the living area. In addition, as he loves to organize meetings with friends at home, you can see them while preparing lunch or dinner.

In order not to recharge the environment, he also chose to perform two bookstores on the wall that connects the living room with the bedroom, and painted them in the same tan tone; thus, although they are from floor to ceiling, they are very light. Next to the access door to his room he avoided placing shelves and finished off the shelves in chamfer so as not to hinder the passage. Regarding furniture, it was based on a premise: choosing good quality models and timeless designs that would serve you for years even if you had to acquire them progressively as your budget allowed.

In the living room he created two environments: being - which located next to the windows- and the dining area. For the first he chose a white upholstered sofa, which splashed with cushions of cheerful tones, and a light coffee table. He completed the seats with a pouf and a rocking chair that did not hinder the circulation around the table. The dining room decorated it with a table and chairs stained with wenge, and delimited the area with a bamboo rug.

In his bedroom, replaced the classic headboard with a wooden panel that upholstered with Japanese paper, and resolved the lack of cabinets with a dresser. The storage problem also appeared in the bathroom, where he placed two shelves under the sink so as not to recharge the space.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room furniture was chosen taking into account that it did not overwhelm the space, reduced.

The sofa was attached to the wall and upholstered in white, a color that lightens the environment. However, the pouf was chosen from denim, since lacking backrest is not so overwhelming. Sofa and table, from La Continental. Loft pouf. Cushions, by Gancedo and Antennae. Carpet, from KP.

In the living room an original rocking chair without armrests and with a light backrest that does not obstruct the passage is striking.

It is the Ikea Gullholmen model, which combines steel structure and banana leaves. In addition, it is stackable; in 62 x 68 x 75 cm.

For the dining room, the owner decided on wenge stained furniture.

Although it is a fashionable finish, he opted for a table and chairs with a very simple design so that he would not get tired with time. The dining area was delimited with a bamboo rug by Gancedo. Nerea table, chairs and crockery, from La Continental.

Between the living room and the kitchen there was a glass opening that simulates a window and looks like a pass-through.

But in reality, the leaf is fixed, since the dining area was located on the other side of the room.

As the kitchen was very small, there was a glass opening that communicates visually with the living room.

This way you don't feel overwhelmed when you scrub.

Charming details add a touch of style to the house.

For example, the owner likes to create an intimate atmosphere with candles when she has guests, but daily she uses the candlesticks to place flowers. Candlesticks, from La Oca.

On the wall that makes the bedroom lounge independent, a work library was made, which was painted in the same tone to better integrate it into the decoration.

Its design - without sides and with shelves finished in chamfer - was carefully thought out so as not to obstruct the passage to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, the headboard was replaced by a wooden panel lined with Japanese paper, which allows updating it by simply changing the lining.

An oak chest of drawers was placed in the setback area; and that, like the mohair blanket, is from La Oca. Japanese paper was acquired in Gancedo.

To have storage space in the bathroom

two shelves with little bottom were placed under the sink; thus the legs do not collide with them.


A very successful option is to animate the light tones of cladding and walls with brushstrokes of intense colors, such as strawberry. De Bruguer: F6.15.85, E8.20.70 and A0.20.50.


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