A bright apartment on the coast

A bright apartment on the coast

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The implementation of simple ideas, but with spectacular results, is glimpsed in every detail of the decoration of this apartment, about 100 m², located in a residential area of ​​the Costa del Sol. Its owners - a couple with children - acquired it because it was very close to the family home where they had always spent the summer. In addition, the urban complex, designed in the 60s by an American architect, responded to a studied design - with views to the outside from each of the rooms - that offered its inhabitants the feeling of being in a single-family home and not in a floor. The windows, oriented to practically all cardinal points, facilitate the creation of air currents in the summer, a feeling of freshness that was enhanced by painting the walls white, while the thickness of its walls provides good thermal insulation when they come in winter vacations. The owner personally took care of the decoration of the floor, and it was considered as a long-term occupation, without hurry or predetermined schemes, enjoying the selection of each object found in street markets, mortars and trips. In other cases, he resorted to solutions full of ingenuity. For example, the sofa and the armchairs were a gift from the former owners of the apartment. As his upholstery did not like, he covered them with simple white cotton covers. The dining table was solved with a board and two borriquetas, hidden under a plain skirt and a cloth acquired on a trip to Morocco. Moroccan air is also found in the terrace, conceived as a space where part of the summer is spent; Hence, he will make a workbench, covered by fluffy cushions. Its practicality is also appreciated in the bathroom - where the sinks were embedded in a piece of furniture- and in the kitchen; There he combined a rustic bookcase with a design of modern lines to have on hand the crockery and all the utensils.

Advertising - Keep reading below The seating area was distributed around a trunk that is used as a coffee table.

The sofa and the two armchairs were already on the floor when their current owners acquired it but, to update them, they were covered with white cotton covers, by Coordoneé. The curtain fabric and the gallery that hides the bar are also from the same firm. Baúl, from Becara. Cushions, from Meridiana.

The tastes of the owners define the decoration of the main room,

in which attractive details stand out, such as the sheets of figurines from the 50s. Armchair, by Coordonné. The blanket is from Meridiana.

The guest room has access to the terrace

which, in summer, serves as an outdoor living room. So family friends enjoy an independent space.

The children's bedroom was not decorated with children's furniture,

since the owners wanted to convert it into a guest room - its current use - when their children grew up. Showcase acquired at auction.

In the main bathroom a wall was built that makes the washbasin area independent of the other toilets.

The mirror also extended along the sides to visually expand the space, and was framed with a Moroccan-inspired fret.

Good idea

Being a summer apartment, the terrace was conceived as a space where to spend part of the day outdoors: it was furnished with a workbench and covered with cushions.

On the kitchen walls a white tile base topped by a tile border was combined,

with indigo paint, painted on the sponge by the owner. Wikinsa Metro system shelf, in La Continental.

The dining room was located near the access to the terrace.

The table is a simple board with two borriquetas covered by a plain skirt of the signature Coordonné and decorated with a cloth bought on a trip to Morocco. The stool and vases exposed on the base are Meridiana.


Bet on a light and neutral base, and fill it with soft touches of gray and red. In this house are yellow G4.08.08, greenish gray JO.10.70 and red CO.40.50 from Bruguer.