Would you hire the services of a butler for Instagram?

Would you hire the services of a butler for Instagram?

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Royal Hideaway Playa del Carmen

Instagram Butler. This is what the latest trend is called which is sweeping in luxury hotels like the adults only from Royal Hideaway Playacar, in Playa del Carmen. But, you will be wondering what such a term is, right?

Royal Hideaway Playa del Carmen

The answer is in a usual situation and it has happened to all of us (and it will happen to us) that when we go on vacation we want to photograph every moment to share it on our social networks. Conclusion? In the end we do not disconnect Not even wanting.

For that very reason, the idea of #InstagramButler born with the purpose of portraying for you every moment like a real professional, so you can lie down to the bartola while your Instagram account grows in number of likes and followers.

And you, you will be encouraged to hire this service worthy of influencers?


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