How to choose your home's air conditioning

How to choose your home's air conditioning

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It all depends on the surface you want to cool and the economic investment. single room, you have fixed devices -split wall, ceiling (cassette) or floor-, or portable. For several rooms, There is the multisplit option (with several indoor units and one outdoor) or duct systems, which are hidden in a suspended ceiling. In this case, there must be a pre-installation made in the house to be able to connect them, because, otherwise, the installation will be very expensive.

Air conditioning and heating. You can refrigerate the house in summer and heat it in winter with the equipment that integrates heat pump. They carry Inverter technology and are very efficient.

With anti-allergy filters. The latest air conditioning models improve air quality and minimize the effects of allergies. All are equipped with dust filters, some are HEPA, which retain microscopic particles in suspension. But, in addition, they can have other additional filters, like those of plasma, that eliminate bacteria, allergens and bad smells, or the ionizers, that emit negative ions.
Ducted air: throughout the house. Very suitable if you want a centralized team that serves the entire house. The indoor unit and the network of ducts are placed on the false ceiling, so no device is visible. The air comes out of the grilles installed in each room. This option allows to regulate both the temperature and the air flow separately. Each room has a thermostat, and the grilles may even be motorized, to open or close when the temperature is reached.

No works: ceiling fan. Its diameter will be in relation to the size of your room: 107 cm, if the room measures up to 15 m2, and 132 cm from 18 m2. The more blades, the more air it will give. Many models carry 3 speeds, LEDs and remote control to control light and ventilation.

From the outside: umbrellas and awnings. If you protect the house from the outside, you will lower the temperature inside. Put awnings on windows and terraces and umbrellas and pergolas: you will save a lot on electricity and energy.


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