A (beautiful) house in Jávea with sea views

A (beautiful) house in Jávea with sea views

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Is Ibizan style detached house, call Maison Amour, It was built by the name architect Manuel de Jorge in the sixties, in the quiet urbanization Puchol, of Jávea, Alicante. It had been uninhabited for many years, but today it is used again by the owner as a second residence, and in the periods in which it does not occupy it, it is a holiday rental accommodation. Although its condition was good, it was decided to make some improvements and commission the Interior design and renovation project Jessica Bataille.

In the house, which preserves the terraces and the original materials, The natural stone floors and the walls of iroco wood stand out for their great decorative value. The latter, with their dimensions, provide splendid views of Jávea Bay and integrate the landscape into each environment.

As for the decoration, it is committed to a Mediterranean style, fresh and natural, with a mix of eco influences, vintage recycled Y Country ChicColor is also used successfully to renew the spaces, painted in an immaculate white. The snowy walls and natural stone make up a perfect setting to highlight the pieces recovered and painted by Jessica Bataille in colors trendyLike the pink desk in the living room, the blue rocking chair on the terrace or the green bedside tables and the turquoise dresser in the bedrooms. Separate chapter deserves the kitchen, a space designed by the interior designer with a strong professional aesthetic, where steel is the protagonist. In addition to being present in a thick worktop and baseboard, it also covers the entire front of the work area with a tiling that protects it from splashes, while resulting in an extra reflective surface when the steel comes into contact with natural light .

Advertising - Keep reading below Outdoor lounge

On the terrace, which distills naturalness, the pieces abound vintage Y recycled Highlights the intense blue
of a rocking chair recovered and the brushstrokes provided by textiles.

Sofa, of recycled wood; table, by Francisco Segarra; rocking chair, dutch lamp, of Vical Home and carpet; They are all pieces by Jessica Bataille. Cushions, from Zara Home. Armchair old rattan, from El Rastro.

Cozy furniture

Color, warmth and style is what Jessica Bataille's plastic carpet brings to this outdoor seating area. The halls outdoors, With floors in any material, they earn a lot with a current design suitable for outdoor use.

Bright and natural

White walls and large windows increase the feeling of spaciousness in the living room, decorated in light and natural tones.
The glass, wall to wall, allows a panoramic view and integrates the landscape inside.

Sofa, from Missana; armchair, of Ascension Latorre; Rocking chair, Crisal, and basket case, from El Espartero; Everything in Jessica Bataille.

A flirty corner

One of the walls of the room stands out for its curved ceiling and the work furniture, formed by a bench and a bedside table with niche, which were designed to optimize the space.

Table center, Vical Home, and piece of furniture bass, by Jessica Bataille. The carpet is Moroccan.

Vintage airs

Painted in pink, an old desk focuses attention on this environment, close to the living room window. They complete their look retro, a flexo with metallic patina and a Danish aesthetic chair mid-century

Desk recovered and painted; chair, from Dan Form and flexo dand Vical Home; Everything in Jessica Bataille. Mirror, from Ikea.

Painted in pink

Who risks, wins. With pink paint, the old desk acquires a retro air modern his partenaire Perfect: a metallic factory flexo.

Desk painted and lamp, by Vical Home, acquired at Jessica Bataille.

Fusion of styles

The combination of retro chairs of diverse origin stands out in the dining room. It is a charming mix that contrasts with the solidity of the oak table, which occupies the center of the room, to fully enjoy the landscape.

The chairs They come from a French market, except the white one, which is from the Dan Form firm. Table, designed by Jessica Bataille. Stairs, from Let's Pause.

With charm

A white tableware brings extra luminosity to the presentation of the table, but it is also infallible to highlight the utensils in any other color. In this case, they are cups, Tea Shop, with floral air prints vintage. Dishes, from Zara Home.

Industrial and country kitchen

The steel gives a professional air to the kitchen, which is warm and evokes the rustic style with its wooden furniture and white walls.
To emphasize in this space, the thickness of the countertop, the high tap with removable shower and the metallic front.

Kitchen and furniture design project in oak and steel, by Jessica Bataille. Tile metallic, by Porcelanosa. Tap, of Three Taps. Bell extractor, from Siemens. Roaster, from Russell Hobbs.

A chic palette

The bursts of color revitalize the decoration of the bedroom, chaired by a boat bed that updates its design and lightens its visual weight with a white pickling. Plus style: the color contrast of the lamp-bed duos.

Bed, from La Casbah. Bedside tables recycled and painted by Jessica Bataille. Lamp with coral and textile foot, from Zara Home. Trunk, from Concha Bay. Stool, from Thai Natura.

Style plus

With details of a novel color, it is easier to say goodbye to chromatic monotony. Ideal, the coral at the foot of lamp, in harmony with the pillow; both of Zara Home. Mirror, from Vical Home.

In calm

The combination of natural wood with white linen and linen conveys a sense of serenity in the bedroom. They break that chromatic homogeneity the dresser and the carpet,
in turquoise and blue Klein.

Headboard of recycled and comfortable wood, Crisal; both, in Jessica Bataille. Bank of wood, from Let's Pause. Carpet, from Zara Home. In the curtain, silk, of Designers Guild.

Beach style

In the decoration of beach houses any piece that evokes the sun, summer and the coast is a must. In this bedroom, the chosen one is a surfboard that, leaning on the wall as a mirror, focuses attention.

Washbasin front

Very original and stylish. Sink marble, from Montgo Verd, and tap, of Three Taps.

Renew the look

Painted in white, the console almost mimics the wall. It is still a classic piece, but its image has been updated.

Piece of furniture Y accessories, of Vical Home in Jessica Bataille.


Distribution plan of the ground floor.


Distribution plan of the first floor.