A complete reform to gain breadth and space

A complete reform to gain breadth and space

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The family that owns this 90 m2 flat They decided to change housing to a larger one in view of the need to gain space and spaciousness. However, after weighing it and in love with its neighborhood of Badalona, ​​they decided to undertake a total reform that would renovate the house and provide it with greater space and storage space.

When the Dröm Living studio received the assignment, it was clear: it was necessary to turn the house 360 ​​degrees. The project thus required a complete reform. Among the top priorities were the storage area optimization and the breadth in the common areas. As for interior design, all materials and furniture have been chosen in order to make the atmosphere warm and elegant.

In the reform doors were dispensed with, the cabinets were expanded and all the tones softened. The wood is the interior designer in different versions: white lacquered, solid oak and pine wood for furniture. For the flooring, a wood imitation porcelain tile was chosen, very resistant but that apparently brings the warmth of this noble material.

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Advertising - Keep reading below Living room and dining room with great breadth

Straight lines in the furniture, the presence of wood and clear walls. The feeling of actuality and comfort is undeniable. The common area is spacious, just what the owners demanded. The living room is near the window that communicates with the terrace and the dining room closest to the kitchen.

Imitation wood porcelain

A wood-like porcelain tile covers the floor and extends into the wall. Here you can see the solution of the bed plus high storage module on the main wall of the living room, in front of the sofa. Then, in the dining room, an entire closet front. Most pieces of furniture have been custom designed by the team responsible for the reform.

The living area

A couple of side tables as a coffee table, without saturating the passage through the living room to the terrace. Stone and gray tones predominate.

The dinner room

In the reform project, the study commissioned, Dröm Living, demolished several partitions, including those that separated the hall and the corridor so that the day area was enlarged. This is separated from the rest area of ​​the house through a sliding door.

Warehouse front

The entire dining room wall has been covered with a front of smooth lacquer fronts in white lacquer.

The sliding door that communicates with the bedroom area is hidden in the dining room closet once opened.

The dining room is spacious: a wooden table with black chairs and two white ceiling lamps.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, the vitality of the hydraulic floor mosaic was chosen. In the furniture: wood and white. The stools, replica of the Tolix model, were chosen in blue, coordinated with the pavement motifs.

Distribution on two parallel fronts

To make the meters of the rectangular kitchen floor profitable, the furniture is attached to the walls on two full parallel fronts. In the reform the work surface doubled and a small bar for fast foods was incorporated.

With breakfast bar

On one side, the sink, storage modules and columns with the oven and the microwave and the refrigerator. On the opposite front the cooking zone and high and low storage furniture. Next to the access door, the countertop is extended as a bar.

Housing Distributor

Here you see the distributor of the house from which the bedrooms are organized: two youth bedrooms with a bathroom and a master bedroom with integrated bathroom.

Main bedroom

It was necessary to gain brightness and storage. Gray tones have been combined with the wood finish, as in the rest of the rooms.

The main front of the bedroom

On the wall on which the bed rests a headboard and two bedside tables. The light fixtures are installed on the wall, on the tables. On the headboard, two family photographs in black and white.

Warehouse space

In the bedroom, next to the door a closet and next to the bed another one with sliding doors. Facing the layer, warehouse solutions are completed with a dresser. The fronts of the gray cabinets merge with the walls and lighten the visual perception of the storage elements.

Master bedroom bathroom

The house has two bathrooms, one of them integrated into the master bedroom. It has a work shower, sink, bidet and toilet.

On bidet and toilet, storage space that completes the sink.

With shower tray

This bathroom was decorated in white and gray with touches of wood on the flown furniture of the sink and the shelf on the wall.

Youth bedroom

This room, for a teenage girl, has a very attractive Nordic air. The stained pine wood has a column, matching the structure of the bed. On the wall black offers a visual impact contrast. The rest of the furniture was chosen in white.

Under the windows, shelves as a bedside table.

Second bedroom

With two beds and study area under the window.

Gray and white bathroom

The second bathroom of the house is located in the passage area. In the reform Dröm Living sought the functionality and opcimization of each square meter.

With double sink

Two colors were chosen to decorate the bathroom: white and gray.

The wall of the bathtub and the front of it were lined with gray hexagonal tiles. The washbasin cabinet houses two sinks.

Before and after the living area

Before and after the living area.

Before and after the dining room

That's how it was and that's how we see it now. Before and after the dining room.

Before and after cooking

Before and after cooking. Earn work surface.

Doors were torn down

In the project, unnecessary compartmentalizations were demolished.

Distribution area

That's how it was and that's how it is now. The white carpentry brings lightness. Gray colors and earth on the walls: serenity and elegance.

Before and after the master bedroom

Before and after the master bedroom.

Well chosen colors and textiles

In the project, the colors and textiles chosen give serenity to each room.

Before and after the main bathroom

Before and after the main bathroom.

Before bath and now shower

In the main bathroom there was a bathtub and now a shower area

Before and after the youth bedroom

Before and after the youth bedroom. Now much more personal.

Before and after bath

Before and after the bathroom located in the distribution area. The organization of the pieces has changed completely.