Toast with a Margarita for the weekend

Toast with a Margarita for the weekend

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There are many versions about the origin of its name. What is clear is that who mixed the ingredients of this drink knew about tequila. It can be prepared in a thousand ways, but sometimes success is due to the simplicity of things. A refreshing drink for summer days and nights.

INGREDIENTS:- 35 ml of tequila
- 20 ml triple sec
- 15 ml of lime juice
- Ice
- Fine salt
- Lime slice

Wet the outer edge of the glass with a slice of lime and, once wet, go through the fine salt so that it remains attached. Let it dry.

Throw in a cocktail shaker ice, triple sec, tequila and lime juice, freshly squeezed. Shake vigorously for about 10 seconds.

Strain and serve in an icy cup with the frosty edge. You can add ice or not, depending on your taste. Garnish with lime slice. Ready!

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THE MASTER TRICK: The lime, although it looks the same as the lemon, has quite a few differences. It is smaller in dimensions, it is more juicy, it does not have so much pulp, so we take advantage of it more and by squeezing it we get more juice. It is sweeter and less bitter. Ideal to prepare the original recipe of this cocktail.


Prepare a toast appetizer with pate of beautiful to go into the environment.

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Put the bonito with the drained oil in the blender, anchovies Y fresh cheese spread. Add a chopped radish and crush it all. Place the mixture in a bowl and accompany it with the slices of bread.


Encourage the atmosphere with these shot glasses carved in Himalayan salt rock.

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