Chlorophyll, source of health: Cooking with green vegetables

Chlorophyll, source of health: Cooking with green vegetables

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Míriam Yeleq

According to nutritionists, the intake of green vegetables should be daily. Do not miss your table!

Curly Leaf Vegetables:

- Broccoli. Spain is a producer of this food with antioxidant properties. It helps eliminate toxins, free radicals and purifies the blood and skin. To keep its nutrients intact, steam 3-5 minutes. It is also delicious sauteed with oil or gratin.

-Arugula It contains a substance called glucosinolate (like all vegetables in the cruciferous family), very effective in the fight against certain types of cancer (especially prostate.). Include it in salads, snacks, pizzas, quiches ...

- Kale It causes rage among American celebrities for their dietary virtues. Namely: high percentage of iron and calcium and few calories. In addition, it contains boron, which prevents the loss of estrogen and helps fix calcium, so its intake is recommended during menopause. It can be eaten raw, but it is a hard leaf with a particular flavor, so it is much more pleasant if it is steamed or sauteed.

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With or without skin:

- Zucchini. Its healthy combination of fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels, and water, make it a perfect food for weight loss diets. It admits a thousand preparations, even raw. Have you tried zucchini carpacho? Delicious!

- Green beans. Fiber, vitamin C, phenolic acids, flavonoids and carotenoids. The green beans have it all, and if that were not enough, they are delicious: boiled, browned, in scrambled, as a garnish ...

- Cucumber. Hydrates, has anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties, since its vitamin B intake is very effective in relaxing the nervous system. Take it, of course, in salads, but also in cold soups, smoothies, etc.

- Italian pepper Low caloric intake, it is a good source of carotenes. Perfect raw or cooked, as a side dish or main course. It is a popular and very versatile vegetable.

The antioxidants contained in green vegetables slow down cell aging and deterioration.



- Washing and disinfection. A fundamental previous step to avoid microorganisms and chemical elements. Place them under running water, even if you are going to peel them, and use specific brushes for hard-shell ones (cucumber, zucchini ...). You can remove all the water after centrifuging them or drying them with paper towels.

- In paper bags. Keep them in the refrigerator separated from the rest of cooked and raw food, in the less cold area (drawers). To absorb and maintain moisture and last longer, take them out of the plastic bag, if they come packed, and replace it with paper.


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