An old renovated stone house

An old renovated stone house

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When this property located in front of the Collegiate Church of Cangas, in Pontevedra, arrived at the table of the Huga studio, its state was depressing. After more than five years of abandonment, its walls had lost luster and their garden had become a disaster of weeds and dirt. But the privileged location it was in and the interesting base that all

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In front of the Collegiate Church of Cangas we find a house that has been renovated respecting its past.

Noble material

To expand the space a new plant with zinc exterior has been added.

Well differentiated

During the rehabilitation, the old part and the new elements were well sought.


View of the entrance hall.

Take actions

The house has 278 square meters divided into three floors.

Hall at two heights Staircase in sight Raise the level

Thanks to the fact that they left the upper floor free, the living room could have very high ceilings and extra windows.

Gable roof Stairway detail Roof with wooden beams Transparence law

On the upper level, a walkway with transparent roofs lets the light through.

Windows library

The gateway serves as a library.

White and wood

Simplicity always works.

View from the upper floor Roof detail Kitchen

The kitchen, with a modern style, contrasts with the original stone wall.

The island with red stools serves as an impromptu breakfast bar.

Stone kitchen wall detail A table set

Dining room view.


In addition to the stairs, the house has an elevator.


Located on the top floor.

Study zone

Also on the top floor.


With a skylight to let natural light pass.

Second bathroom

Minimalist style

Back facade

Here zinc has more presence.

Rear facade detail There is difference

In this image we can identify the existing part, of rock, and the added part, of zinc.

Outside life

The back garden was recovered and a patio area was added.


That was the facade before.


The property was abandoned for 5 years.


He called for a shout reform.


The original elements pointed to an excellent result.


The salon before rehabilitation.


The garden before the intervention.


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