Did you know that sushi helps recover the line after the holidays?

Did you know that sushi helps recover the line after the holidays?

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If we add a strict diet to the post-vacation syndrome, the downturn can be tremendous. So we can sign up for the advice that the author of the book The sushi diet, Makiko Sano (Books Dome), gives us as an expert in the diet washoku -Japanese gastronomy-. This nutritionist collects recipes from her country's cuisine in her work, especially sushi, They serve to reduce body weight in a healthy way. According to the author, you only have to include one of the dishes of the book on the menu of the day, either at lunch or dinner, to have a more stylized figure.

Courtesy of Sushimore

If you dare with them, you just have to get one of the kits to make homemade sushi. A more comfortable option, why deny it, is to buy it made, take it home or taste it in a place. So join the lighter sushi proposals offered by chef Bárbara Buenache, from Sushimore, such as cucumber maki -23 kcal per piece- or salmon maki -of 28 to 30 kcal-, among other mini delights. Sushi is healthy, healthy and low in calories. If an adult took an average ration of eight to 12 pieces, he would eat 250 to 350 kcal and between five and eight grams of fat, depending on the varieties chosen, as explained by the chef of Sushimore (

Sushi made with crab sticks and avocado. Courtesy of Krisia

In addition, eating sushi is healthy so they provide the ingredients that form it:

- The ingredients have low caloric content -as we have already explained- and high protein content. And they are very tasty.

- Fish and rice They are easy to digest.

- The seaweed They have no fat and vitamins.

- The vegetables They are very healthy and provide vitamins and fiber.

- Fish It is low in fat and provides vitamins and minerals, as well as fatty acids free of trans fats.