If you like the retro style, this white and wood bathroom will love it

If you like the retro style, this white and wood bathroom will love it

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The style bathrooms vintage they enjoy a lot of charm; like this one that, with its underground type tiles and the hydraulic floor, transports us to another era. The choice of a medium-height tile base and the absence of furniture prevent the space from recharging.

The location of the shower and the glass enclosure make the light reach the entire bathroom. The austere character of the room was minimized with warm materials and colors, such as wood, fiber and textiles in earth tones.

Griffin, from Roca. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

A solid wood countertop with a built-in metal towel rail serves as a surface for the exempt sink. He is accompanied by a plant and a basket with the most used utensils.

On the wall a mirror without a frame has been placed and on the floor, a fiber basket stores dirty clothes.

Coatings, Viacerámica. Plants and baskets, Very Very Much. Towels, from Filocolore. Soap, from Meraki. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

In front of the door, the sink and bathtub share space. This has been covered with subway tiles, matching the wall socket, and is topped with a wooden shelf treated to place toiletries.

Sanitary ware and taps, from Roca. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

The shower was located in the window area, just behind the wall of the bathtub. Thus, privacy is perfectly safeguarded.

Tiled in white and with a half-height wall, the space is closed thanks to a glazed door and a fixed leaf. Next to her, the toilet and a shelf on the wall.



The architect Desirée García Paredes, from the Sirëe Studio, designed the renovation of this bathroom. He integrated it into the bedroom and took advantage of its generous dimensions to include a bathtub and shower.

Shower. At the bottom of the room, next to the window, a generous shower tray with glass door was installed.

Bathtub. Next the bathtub was located, tiled in white tile. In front of it was the toilet and an elongated wooden shelf that serves as a storage area. The floor of the whole space was covered with a hydraulic tile that gives it a unique retro touch.

Sink. A simple countertop was placed in front of the access door that serves as a base for the sink and leaves the bottom free to give a feeling of visual amplitude.