Before and after: A family apartment to move into

Before and after: A family apartment to move into

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A family with three children and a new and empty rental apartment. When the new tenants decided that this house would be their home, they contacted Vera Salvat, from the interior design studio I Loft You, to take care of the decorative project.

Each of the members needed a personal stay, a reflection of their personality, with a decoration that also adapted in a functional way to the available space and 100% low cost, being a rental apartment.

A living room where you can share moments, a common work area, a kitchen with office, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office. I Loft You managed to furnish all these environments with furniture and economic accessories and very resultones.

Do you want to see the change? The photos from before, at the end of the gallery, give more value to the final result.

I Loft You

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The living room has been decorated with basic furniture and seating for the whole family. Near the window, in neutral tones and with enough space.

Living and dining area

A sofa with chaise-longue, a coffee table and careful lighting, in front of a storage cabinet for audiovisuals.

Detail of being

Natural light bathes the area.

Warehouse furniture for audiovisuals

Modular composition for audiovisuals. A high bench and a high module in two neutral tones.

Take note of the lighting, which decorates with environmental points. The plants make the whole result fresh. A carpet in light shade covers the floor, dark wood.

The dinner room

Transition between the living room and the dining room: a glass showcase.

With work corner

A mini office next to the dining room.

Wooden table and chairs

The dining area has been decorated with a wooden table and chairs in wood and fiber. A carpet delimits the area.

A table set

Family experiences are shared around the dining table.

Cooking online

In a linear front. The kitchen, rectangular, is distributed in high and low furniture. The high with white fronts and showcase. The bass in dark finish with chrome accents.

Full kitchen

The kitchen is the most difficult, along with the bathrooms, to customize in a newly built and rented house. Here, Vera Salvat, from I Loft You, achieves it with accessories and complements and careful lighting.

Water zone

The sink area where spot lighting is visible on the work area.

The daily dining room

A office With ability and carefree. A high table in wood and metal stools for a dining room with a lot of daily use. On the wall, some casual vinyl.


A vinyl on the wall: home sweet home Perfect!

The hall

It has been decorated with a large capacity furniture and a mirror.

The dimensions of the hall allow to fit maxi furniture.

Also a clothes rack

On the wall, next to one of the entrance doors, a clothes rack for the day's clothes.

View towards the distributor hall

From the hall you can access the distributor that communicates with the rooms.

Main bedroom

The master bedroom has been decorated in gray and white tones. On the headboard, a photograph in triptych.

Bedside table with lighting

On both sides of the bed, identical bedside tables with punctual lighting.

With built-in wardrobe

View of the bedroom with the wooden front of the built-in closet.

Small entrance distributor

The master bedroom has a small distributor at the entrance that gives privacy to the rest area.

Next to the window

Several shelves on the wall.

Main bathroom

All in beige (floors and walls) and sanitary in white.

Washbasin front

The sink is a piece blown with a mirror on the wall.

Bathroom details

Next to the mirror another small round. On the wall, a glass shelf.

General view of the bathroom

In the bathtub, a transparent glass screen. On the wall, a towel rail radiator.

Second bathroom with shower

The second bathroom of the house has a decoration similar to the main one. It has a walk-in shower, covered with wood.

Mini sink

Almost no space left. The sink is a mini flown model.

The shower

At ground level and very wide. It has no door, only a fixed glass. The floor is clad with wood.

Shower detail

Shower detail

Youth bedroom

Very complete, distributed with furniture on three of the four walls, U-shaped, with several pieces to store and the bed.

Low-end furniture

Shelves and doors on the shelves and a shoe cabinet with mirror on top as a dressing table.

This front has been furnished with little Ikea pieces.

As a dressing table

A round mirror on the shoemaker "transforms" it into a dressing table.

Under the window

The bed continues on a low shelf, docked under the window.

General view

General view of the youth bedroom.

Vinyl on the wall

A vinyl on the wall, the perfect decoration.

At night

When the lights go out, to be able to read in the bed, a direct light on the headboard.

The office corner

This desk with shelf, simple, is located next to the dining room in the living room.

View of the mini office

View of the mini office.

Another bedroom

With a large bed, a dresser and storage shelves.

Bedside table detail

A narrow bedside table.

How with mirror

Comfortable with a mirror.

Detail on the dresser

Detail on the dresser.

Bed under the window.

Bed under the window.

General view

General view of the bedroom.

The study, to share

One of the rooms has been designed as a study or work area to share with a table run and several positions.

All blank

All the pieces have been chosen in white with black details.


On the table, warehouse furniture and a shelf on the wall.

In parallel

In parallel to the work table, warehouse furniture.

Work surface detail

Work surface detail.

Work surface detail

Work surface detail.

Before the project

Before the I Loft You studio decoration project, the floor was cold and impersonal.

The lounge, before

The room before the project.

Empty walls

Empty walls, painted in neutral tones, and dark floor.

The kitchen

The kitchen before creating the office.

Bedroom before

Bedroom before.

Bathroom before

Bath before.