An old textile factory converted into a loft

An old textile factory converted into a loft

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High ceilings, exposed beams and large windows are the hallmarks of this house with a loft soul, although with a decoration that flees from the industrial style. What in the past it was a textile factory has given way to a open space in which the white range is the protagonist nuanced only by the warmth conveyed by the green window eucalyptus carpentry. The basis of the project: wooden furniture, inherited or acquired in antique dealers.

In a common space are the hall, the living room and the kitchen. The position of the sofa, placed perpendicular to the facade, delimits the living area and creates an imaginary corridor that leads to the only room closed with partitions: the children's bedroom. The kitchen, located at one end of the house, maintains the same aesthetic line as the rest of the rooms: light colors, abundant natural light and a country air reinforced by the presence of curtains in the work furniture and in the windows , which guarantee privacy.

The floor of the whole house, white painted ipe wood, gives continuity to the environments and enhances the luminosity, which finds its ally in the chosen shades for walls and upholsteries. At the opposite end of the kitchen is the master bedroom. This, together with the children's room - both with an integrated bathroom - are the only two spaces in the whole house that maintain some independence. For its decoration, old pieces that recreate unique environments were also chosen with success. A home designed to suit the owners in which they have achieved large spaces, wrapped in a pleasant feeling of calm.

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The living room, the kitchen and the master bedroom share a single common space, which is enhanced by the original vaults and beams of the house, also painted in white. To visually delimit each environment, decorative resources were used: the orientation of the sofa and the vegetable mat on the floor mark the beginning of the kitchen. Antique cupboard. Coffee table, Las Molucas. Pouf, from Coriumcasa.

Large windows

The succession of windows captures attention. Aligned in a row, they form a visual volume that balances the height of the ceiling. The windows, with curved lintels, are the originals of the building. Its breadth and design give a stately character to the environment.

Blank walls

In order to enhance the luminosity, the walls, ceiling and wrought iron pillars were painted in white. On this canvas a warm space has been drawn through wooden pieces of sober lines. Armchair, for sale in India & Pacific. Table lamp acquired in Las Molucas. The door, at the bottom to the left, which makes the children's bedroom in the living room independent, was purchased at a Perelada antique shop.

Integrated receiver

Located on a slightly higher level than the living area. The white paint on the floor integrates the steps, which go unnoticed.

Retro kitchen

It has a small office attached to the wall, consisting of an iron and marble table and two chairs of classic design. The painting is signed by Emilio Lekuona.

Work furniture

The work area, distributed in an L-shape, evokes a certain rustic air with masonry furniture, curtain fronts and a sober iroco wood worktop. Lamp acquired in the Barcelona market of Les Encantes.

Suite bedroom

Located at one end of the floor, the bedroom has an integrated bathroom, which becomes independent with a wall that does not reach the ceiling. In its decoration highlights a work ledge, as a headboard, and antique furniture. Antique furniture, mostly family gifts or purchased in villages of El Ampurdán (Girona) and in Comillas (Cantabria). Photography, by Emilio Lekuona.

Original headboard

The bed, framed by two wrought iron pillars with ornate capitals, is the central point of the decoration. The conservation of the most emblematic original architectural elements of the house: high ceilings, iron-free pillars and rounded windows. All this confers a loft aesthetic that recalls the building's past as a factory.

Charming bathroom

A simple curtain guarantees privacy in the bathroom, decorated with an exempt bathtub. On the wall stands the original window recovered from an old bank office.

Bathing area

Bathtub and window, by Otranto. Towel, Texture. Boats, from India & Pacific.

Industrial design lamp

The proposal, made of black aluminum, is very attractive in the kitchen. The classic retro-inspired model is renewed without losing its essence. Today you no longer need to search through markets to find it!

Plane and ideas to decorate

- Environments that transmit serenity thanks to the choice of colors: white to cover walls, ceilings and floors and touches of toasted upholstery.
- A diaphanous distribution with hardly any visual barriers, except to maintain some privacy in the bedrooms and in the bathroom.