A white and cozy family home

A white and cozy family home

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They had just reformed their house, but the result did not make their owners feel comfortable in it. For this reason, they put themselves in the hands of RdeRoom, in search of a new change that would convince them. The study was found with an apartment of 84 square meters. located in the area of ​​Arturo Soria, in Madrid, with dark floor and walls painted with strong colors. Sandra and Rebeca, the interior designers, decided to bet on the contrary and opted for white and light-colored laminate to refresh and clarify. Although a total look white It has its risks, since it can result in an impersonal, cold and uninteresting space, the designers affirm that in this project "it served as a link between all the rooms of the house and gave it the warmth that the owners were looking for".

But it was not a flat slate altogether. Some of the furniture that the owners had remained and others were modified, such as the shelf in the living room that was painted. In the bedroom, even, a painting that hung on the wall and that the owner loved served as an inspiration for the decoration. On this basis, the interior designers looked for new pieces that would fit and achieve a consistent and fluid result.

Advertising - Keep reading below The purity of white

In the living room, RdeRoom removed strong colors and painted everything white (shelving included).


The designers acquired pieces that combined with existing ones, although some had to adapt, such as the dining room table that was cut to match the new chairs.

The outside

The apartment has a small terrace. The interior designers painted the floor white to be understood as a continuation of the interior.

Upload the colors

A green table mint and some yellow planters add color to the terrace.

Fun in Acapulco

Chairs Acapulco mini In blue and white.

Radical change

It was the room that was most modified. The objective was to make the most of the light, for which the furniture was reconfigured, leaving a window that was covered free.

New image

The new furniture was distributed in such a functional way that a small area of office. The same floor of the rest of the house was continued to give continuity to the spaces.


For the room of his son, the owners were clear about two things: the model of the bed and that there was a large carpet to play.

Top piece

An arrow-shaped lamp gives the necessary light in the bed providing a different touch.

All in order

In the children's bedroom, one of the walls was reserved to install a storage solution.

Give the estiron

On the shelf String a desktop was placed as a desk that can be adjusted as the child grows.

Everything fits

To store toys and books, two old wooden boxes were placed.

Children's books

Some shelves allow you to expose the child's books while putting them at your fingertips.

Inspirational art

The owner loved an oil painting in blue tones of her bedroom and wanted to keep it, so the interior designers looked for a headboard in the same range.


Two different bedside tables, one in white and the other in wood, bring a touch of dynamism to the bedroom.

Support light

A pair of flexos anchored to the wall gives punctual light on the bed and releases the bedside tables.


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