A university student's bedroom: perfectly equipped

A university student's bedroom: perfectly equipped

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Miriam Yeleq

Interior designer María Mezquita, from the Nik Nai Nuna Architecture Studio (, is responsible for this elongated floor bedroom, divided into a study and relaxation area, and with a bathroom included. In him his young owner finds his privacy.

Perpendicular to the window was the rest area, formed by a bed with headboard, and flanked by two bedside tables of different styles: one of current design and another vintage, which is an old library staircase recovered from grandma's house . Wooden headboard, by Kenay Home. Left side table, from Kave Home. Pillows on the bed, by Jim Thomson and James Malone.

Handmade ethnic rug by Kilombo Rugs. Miriam Yeleq

Handmade touch From the ceiling hang, on both sides of the bed and at different heights, a group of three lamps designed by the Nik Nai Nuna studio and made by artisans.

At the foot of the bed, the study area was created, consisting of a bookcase without a back, a light and fluffy upholstered chair and a desk, designed by the Nik Nai Nuna studio and custom made in iron and oak by cabinetmakers.

Chair Torch with ergonomic backrest, from Sancal. Hanbel's bookshop. Wall lamp Ptolemy, from Artemide. Miriam Yeleq

Separate spaces To facilitate the light to circulate freely throughout the room, a light bookcase was set up that separates without reloading the rest area from the work area. A great idea!

A well hidden closet

Miriam Yeleq

Here, the owner's traveling spirit was used to line the basic wardrobe with a world map that gives depth to the wall. A good way to remember the countries visited and dream of those that still remain to be seen.


Miriam Yeleq

The bathroom is accessed from the bedroom through a sliding door. The washbasin cabinet, lacquered in a cheerful yellow, and an XL mirror, designed by Nik Nai Nuna, which occupy almost the entire wall, were placed on the recessed wall.

Miriam Yeleq

The wall, which combines paint and ceramics, has practical shelves and a towel hanger. Towels, from Zara Home.


1. REST AREA. It is formed by a bed and two bedside tables. At the foot a bright reading corner was organized with a comfortable armchair.

2. STORAGE. The clothes are organized in the large melamine closet next to the bed. This was lined with paper that camouflages it and gives greater relevance to the wall. In front of the headboard, light shelves house a generous bookcase and serve as a separating element for the study corner.

3. WORK AREA. On the other side of the shelves, and next to one of the windows of the room, a light desk was placed where Ana spends many hours working on her subjects.

4. BATHROOM. Hidden by a sliding door, which slides into a closet so as not to lose space, the bathroom was set up with a large custom shower, topped off with a bench-shaped step.


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