A fun zone for children

A fun zone for children

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We take note because this space for children has fun and functional ideas to put into practice in the children's room at home or in a play area for them. Sophie Jacqmin is the creator of this Kids Club of the French hotel Le Normandy and Le Majestic, by Barrière Hotel, which inspires us.

Photos: Francis Amiand

Advertising - Keep reading under A mirror on the ceiling

Why not? Expand the space and it is fun for children to be reflected when lying on the floor. The idea of ​​having small sofas, floor cushions or poufs is perfect.

A lot of warehouse

Cabinets, drawers, containers ... provides the environment with sufficient storage space.

Vitamin colors

To make the set fun and original, opt for colors on the walls and furniture. Combine with sheets, vinyls, wallpapers ...

Reading corner

Sophie Jacqmin is an architect and interior designer and has created the children's club of one of the Barrière hotels. His creativity helps us to get ideas like this corner and reading for kids with armchairs and bookstore.

Craft Table

A large table with fun stools, created with paint cans and "cookie" cushions.

So original!!

A floor lamp with a fun screen, made with a paint can. The blue of the walls is combined with lighter wallpaper, which brings luminosity.

A detail in the ceiling

More paint buckets for the ceiling lamp. Copy this idea IY!

A lot of order

With the most varied warehouse solutions. A container can also be a seat, which easily moves with wheels.

An original closet

With color and open compartments.


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