How should you choose the best mold according to the recipe you are going to cook

How should you choose the best mold according to the recipe you are going to cook

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Le creuset

What is the perfect mold material for the best cooking

The material in which the mold is made determines the uniform distribution of heat and, therefore, the success of the recipe, both salty and sweet.

Ceramic and stoneware molds. They withstand high temperatures very well and distribute heat very evenly. If you do not want to be broken when unmolding, grease it very well.

Aluminum molds. They are the most popular and cheap with very good results because they conduct heat well and heat up quickly. You have to wash them by hand and dry them so they don't rust.

Silicone molds. They conduct heat worse than the previous ones, so you will have to increase the temperature a little and prolong the cooking time. They are very easy to unmold and clean.

Steel. They distribute heat efficiently and uniformly, such as Le Creuset's carbon steel mold.


The molds for round biscuits should be 20 cm in diameter; 30x20 cm for cocas; and the plates with cavities are ideal for muffins or cupcakes.


You can choose fixed molds; removable, which facilitate the demoulding or crusty; or bored to give a crunchy touch.

Molds with shapes:

Depending on the cake you want to make, look for the mold that suits you best: Rectangular, square or with more creative shapes. Take advantage of the variety of ways to offer your children homemade and healthy sweets with fun silhouettes.

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