Plants to purify the air inside the house

Plants to purify the air inside the house

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More and more news is coming to us about the extreme pollution of our planet, of our air. We do not stop listening to measures against the pollution of cities and, without going any further, Madrid is being one of the cities that most accuses that pollution without limits.

Seeing the panorama, we cannot think of anything other than the fresh and pure air of the mountains, of the greenest, natural and clean areas. And we have good news, inside the house, you can also get it through some species that clean the environment of toxins. We tell you which are the most purifying.

The orchids

It may seem a difficult plant to care for. However, it does not require particularly difficult care. Be careful with sunlight and abundant irrigation, two factors that play a key role in your life. This species filters xylene, a contaminant found in paints and glues. During the night, they breathe and release oxygen. They are perfect for the bedroom.

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The Palm trees

This exotic-looking species is easy to care for and also filters the formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide that may be in the environment.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe is not only used medicinally but it is also one of the species that best filters formaldehyde.


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The philodendrons

This species of green leaf of the family of the phanerogams filter the xylene, a toxin harmful to the skin. And, in addition, they need little care. It is knocking at your door!

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