A mini villa in Cantabria with exotic furniture

A mini villa in Cantabria with exotic furniture

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This delicious house is located in Cantabria. The plant has a U-shape and is oriented towards an interior and exterior garden with mountain views. The U is glazed, so that the house is filled with light and is very spacious.

In one corner, the construction is topped with a tower with panoramic views, used as an office and movie theater. A small villa of 345 square meters, with five rooms and a large open-plan garage. Virtually all the furniture used to decorate the rooms is old and comes from Indonesia or India. All the decoration is the work of Campoloco.

Our reader has this house for sale, so if you are interested it can be yours! Contact him through the contact section of In addition, Campoloco uses in its projects pieces brought from Indonesia and are about to undertake a trip to acquire furniture and other objects, such as those you see in this house. Do you want to continue your deco adventure with them? They will tell about their trip in and offer the possibility of buying some of the furniture exclusively through their website.

Advertising - Keep reading below Molederos as a railing

Old molederos from Indonesia used as planters (and as railing). Pablo's house is full of exotic details, very much in line with those responsible for decorating the project: Campoloco.

The facade of the house

In blue color among the green of nature. The house has several floors and an entrance to the garage.

Total integration

The house is surrounded by nature.

The kitchen

With custom made wood furniture. The yellow of the walls contrasts and illuminates the environment.

Low furniture on a front and an island With light and office

The kitchen has a lot of natural light through the facade and roof windows. Here you can see the dining corner of the newspaper.

The office next to the window

On the wall a maxi furniture that offers large storage capacity.

General view of the kitchen In detail, all ready to cook

Here you can see the cooking zone in the background with the original hood from which kitchen utensils hang.

Cooking zone A lounge that looks out

The orientation of the sofa leaves no doubt, the interesting thing is to enjoy the landscape with the comfort of a very personal interior thanks to the mix of furniture and styles.

General view of the living area

Painted in orange How much vitality it gives off!

Panoramic views A ladder of minimal line

A light element: a staircase made of steel plates embedded in the wall.

A small inner oasis

As an oasis with plants or an inner courtyard, this space has magic.

Fireplace View from the top floor

View from the top floor of the oasis with plants and other elements that decorates a passage area.

Here also comes the light

Here also comes the light.

An ancient arch of Indonesia

Detail of the ancient arch, from Indonesia, between the reception and the main dining room.

A great frame for the dining room The dinner room In this view you can see the dining room together An outdoor dining room

A barbecue area with dining area to enjoy an outdoor meal.

The barbecue area More views of the exterior facade To store firewood supplies In two heights

View of the facade with the two volumes that form the building.

The entrance to the garage In blue and wood The passage of natural green A garden area A bedroom in pink

This bedroom has vitality and strength for the colors in which it is decorated.

Headboard wall view From the bedroom to the hall With work closet A door with history

The closet door is an old model, from India.

A corner in one of the bedrooms Bathroom in green Retro toilets The bathtub next to the window The shower area Another of the bathrooms

This bathroom is decorated in white, dark wood and a salmon shade on the walls.

In detail

Here also retro line toilets.

The sink area Furniture that solve and decorate A jewel bed

In the guest room, a star piece: an ancient Chinese bed.

This bedroom is decorated in…

Blue and greenish.

An exotic air so attractive A dressing room with facing cabinets Access area

With the warmth of wood and boiler tones.

Old door

Another ancient door placed during the work.

The bedroom A small room in height

A seating area or movie theater on the top floor.

A corner of the lounge Roof weight

It matters in decoration.


A screen hides the back of the audiovisual furniture. The windows throughout the wall open the room to the outside.

Another corner of the space: work area

Bathed in light.


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