Prepare the swimsuit because they arrive ... the mermaid tiles!

Prepare the swimsuit because they arrive ... the mermaid tiles!

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With the success of the subject "mermaids" that we are living lately, it is not surprising that the bathrooms have pointed to the trend with scale tiles. Do you dare to see how they look? Of course, the swimsuit is mandatory!

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As fresh from a luxury hotel, this bathroom bears your name!

Pinterest: Thamar Lou Frusciante


Between dark blue and purple, full of personality and perfect to combine with golden appliques.

Pinterest: J Canaves


You thought we were going to forget the tone more sweet?

Pinterest: Laura B


A vibrant color that blends beautifully with marble!

Pinterest: Nuria Delgado


So far we had seen them on the walls, but on the floor they look great!

Pinterest: Susan Bauer Gaina

Another option

The same floor surrounding a shower, which one do you prefer?

Pinterest: Mercury Mosaics


With these tiles in turquoise tones, you won't need anything else to win a bath with character.

Pinterest: Laia Guil

Greyish greens

Being small and of different shades, they bring a lot of volume to the bathroom!

Pinterest: Ares Pitiua

Tile mix

On the floor, hydraulic tiles. On the wall, a tile front in green and gray tones!

Pinterest: María José


If you are looking for an effect vintage, dare with monochrome tiles!

Pinterest: Syria Muñiz del Corro