Long live the boyfriend!

Long live the boyfriend!

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The boyfriend You should take care of your appearance and look just as handsome as your girl at the wedding. For them, hairdressers and beauty centers they have designed custom treatments; how are you, for hair, face and body.

1. Take advantage of special bonuses which include haircut, beard arrangement, hairstyle and facial hydration for € 150 or, if you prefer, celebrate with your friends your bachelor party at Hairdressers Seensay, Santander. The Oliveras Salon, in Madrid, offers a hair treatment with snail drool that moisturizes and strengthens the hair. Its price is € 25 / session. www.oliverashairspa.com

2. Messenger EnzymesIt is a flash mask that eliminates toxins, dead cells and impurities in order to give the face a healthy and rejuvenated appearance. Although its effect is immediate, the results last for days. Try it at the Carmen Navarro centers in Madrid and Seville (€ 150 / session). www.carmennavarro.com

3. Shows a more aesthetic appearance on your honeymoon freeing you forever from body hair on back, chest or abdomen. Get a definitive laser hair removal at the Mato Ansorena Clinics in Madrid, Marbella, Seville and Huelva. From € 50 for each session. Find out on their website www.clinicas matoansorena.com

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Stress and weight loss can play tricks on your wedding day. Recover elasticity and firmness in face and body with ultrasound treatment SublimLift, a non-invasive and localized technique, whose star zones are the oval of the face, chin and hands. At the Institut of Dr. Natalia Ribé in Barcelona (€ 160 / session). www.institutdranataliaribe.com


Men's skin is thicker and rougher than female and requires special treatment; also in hands and feet. The Acqua di Parma protocol consists of washing them, polishing the nails with diamond file, removing the cuticles, moisturizing with essential oils by means of a massage and wrapping hands and feet in a warm towel so that the nutrients act. Finally, a colorless enamel is applied to the nails. And all this, while you savor a beer. If you want, you can go with your partner. In Escape Madrid for € 22 / session. www.escapemadrid.com


With bamboo and cedar, moisturizing body emulsion Samurai Body Moisturizer, of Rituals (€ 12.50).


Tonic that reduces pores. It is used after the cleaner. Lotion T-pur, from Biotherm Homme (€ 32.90).


Hydrates and protects against urban aggressions. Cream Age Fitness Advanced, from Biotherm Homme (€ 60.50).


Hair wax modeling without weighing it down. It is applied with small dry touches. Gel Wax Samurai, of Rituals (€ 9.95).


Eye contour that acts against dark circles, crow's feet and lack of firmness. Eye Repair Age Defender, from Kiehl's (€ 41).


Oil that prepares the skin for a more precise shave. It must be applied with a wet face. Ultra Gliding Shave Oil, by American Crew (€ 20.05).


Fluid gel with walnut oil and vitamin E that softens the beard when shaving. Without mixing it with water, a better hurry is achieved. Close Shavers Smooth Glidersfrom Kiehl's (€ 17


Haircut, shave or beard arrangement, but also massages, manicures, pedicures, spa treatments, color and shine bath. And all, comfortably sitting in an armchair. Like the barber shops of yesteryear ... but updated. This is the innovative concept that characterizes the Madrid Aveda Men Barbershop, a place of retro airs with a successful sustainable design and personalized services, perfect to disconnect from daily life and relax. And if you leave pledged with any of its products, made with flowers and plants, you can buy them right there. Go into www.aveda.es and discover their treatments. Beard arrangement, € 19.


Do you want to get the treatment of celebrities? It is called Hydrafacial and combines exfoliation, peeling, extraction and hydration based on a cocktail of sera with peptides, trace elements, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Find out about the Carmen Navarro Centers (€ 30 / session).


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