The creepiest vinyls for Halloween we've seen on Amazon

The creepiest vinyls for Halloween we've seen on Amazon

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Adhesive vinyl has become one of the most comfortable and original decorating ways. On Halloween they devastate and on Amazon you have many models. From the most terrifying and realistic to the most cute and innocent, through a wide range suitable for all tastes and degrees of horror in the staging that everyone wants for their home. The advantage? That are removable.
To not start hurting sensitivities we start with some for the smallest, ghosts, pumpkins & cia.


Set of 38 luminous stickers, ghosts, bats, moon ... Price: € 12.98. To buy


Pack of 30 stickers with different Halloween figures: ghosts, spiders, witches, bats, witch hats, pumpkin lights, cobwebs and swirls. Price: € 10.89 Buy

To decorate from doors to outside, there is also a good collection of vinyl, with dark shadows and a lot of blood with which to "decorate" the windows ...


Kit with bloodied hand stickers and blood splatters. Price € 7.99. To buy


Vinyl with spooky image, a warning for "haunted houses." Price: € 6.73. To buy

And a few devilish cheating. Some are hyper realistic, a real hole that connects your living room with the gates of hell ... and its inhabitants. Only recommended for fans devoted to terror.


Easy to place and remove, with the image of a ghost sticking out the wall. Price: € 4.48. Purchase

Amazon To place in the door, the effect of this zombie that crosses it is terrible. Price: € 10.93 Buy Amazon Hands emerge from a hole into dark worlds. You can put it on the wall or on the floor ... Price: € 13.99. Amazon With ghost pattern, black and white. Price: € 28.37. To buy
Amazon Pumpkin malignant, scarecrow and crow, a whole set of fright for the windows. Price: € 7.60. To buy


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