A house in height of cosmopolitan air

A house in height of cosmopolitan air

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A complete project in which the study of Camille Hermand has put soul. The house is distributed in height, the first reserved for common areas, air loft with open spaces and exit to the patio. On the first floor, the bedrooms.

The decoration is simple and elegant. Textiles and dark tones warm the rooms and give them a very attractive cosmopolitan air.

Photos: Jennifer Sath

Advertising - Keep reading below Continuous loft space

In the background, a large window that opens completely to the outside patio. The light sneaks into the day area, shared by the living room - next to the exit -, the dining room - transitional - and the kitchen, open and delimited by a glazed enclosure. It has a breakfast bar. On this floor also the staircase through which you access the upper floor.

A transitional dining room

Some steps delimit the kitchen and reception space with respect to the living room and the dining room. The carpets also mark the environments. The dining room brings the color note with mustard chairs around a design table in black and wood. On the ceiling, the lamps monopolize looks.

Successful mix of colors

Black is very present in being without creating a sense of darkness thanks to natural light, the breadth of space, the white of the walls and the wood of the floor.

Next to the chimney

In the living area, the fireplace - integrated in a piece of furniture - is the main element with more prominence for the color in which the module has been painted. In the center a square table. Here you can see the outdoor patio on the other side of the window and at the same level.

A vintage armchair

A perfect corner for reading. An armchair upholstered in gray and with a wooden structure supports the seating area.

From the garden

View from the patio to the living room. You can see the main furniture with the fireplace and the stairs, at the bottom, through which you access the upper floor.

Green background

A very nice view from the living room: the patio and the planted vegetation.

Patio Dining

In the courtyard, surrounded by plants, an outdoor dining room.

Rear facade view

View of the facade with the window of the upper floor.

An attic kitchen

The location of the kitchen coincides with the attic area of ​​the first floor. The peculiar architecture of the construction contributes these peculiarities, saved with originality by the architecture studio in charge of the project (Camille Hermand Architectures). The black furniture in the kitchen continues with the style of living.

The front of the fragadero

The blue and white hexagonal tile floor coverings add color and brighten the whole.The front of the sink next to the window that delimits the kitchen from the main entrance.

Blue painted

The front of the plate area has been painted blue but protected with an iron just in front of the hob. The kitchen has a lot of furniture to solve the storage.


Detail of the sink front with warehouse columns with integrated appliances. To take advantage of the entire space, despite the particularities of the plant, customized solutions have been used.

Distributor space

A detail (very white) of the distributor landing of the first floor. On the wall, black flexo appliqués, such as the radiator. The ladder is microcement.


Ladder in microcement from the first floor. Work hornanicas have been created in some sections of the staircase wall, used as libraries. Here you can see another storage module and the kitchen window on the left.

The main room

Along the same lines as the rest of the interior design, the dark tones of the walls mark the project. This mini bedroom in the rest area hides surprises. Here, the retro wooden sideboard.

With bathroom and dressing room

On the headboard wall a shelf and two glass openings have been created that communicate with the back of the rest area: the bathroom and dressing room.

The comfort of being at home

Even the pet owners feel at home, there is nothing more to see this image in the bedroom!

Bathroom with two sinks

Detail of the bathroom with two over-sink basin on a piece of furniture. On the right you can see one of the glass openings in the headboard and in the background the dressing room.

With a shower

From this perspective (image taken from the dressing room towards the bathroom) you can see the shower area at the bottom of the floor.

A more casual bathroom

Another of the bathrooms of the house has been decorated in blue and white, with bathtub and tiles Meter in the walls.