Ideas to decorate your bedroom

Ideas to decorate your bedroom

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The work solutions are fantastic to make the space profitable and gain storage areas. I love this headboard with integrated bedside tables and a wooden shelf perfect for beautiful ornaments.


Everything from La Redoute.

This Nordic air room has a broader base bed than the mattress; a perfect idea that leaves room at the feet as support for blankets or clothes.


Bedding and cushions from El Corte Inglés. Miriam Yeleq /

If you like reading in bed, this proposal is ideal to have pending books at hand.


Wallpaper, by Usera Usera; bedding and cushions, Zara Home, and lamp, Naluz. Míriam Yeleq /

The choice of bedding, furniture and coverings in the bedroom should be in tune, if we want to achieve an appropriate rest space. This environment, for example, is colorful and calm at the same time; The key is to focus on only three ranges of color: white, fuchsia and pastel blue.


Model bedside table Dani From home.

The bedside tables mark a lot the style of the bedroom. A simple white and wood model, like this one, will fit very easily.