7 strange tricks to make the perfect cake

7 strange tricks to make the perfect cake

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Jonathan Boulton Advertising - Keep reading below With the cold oven Ethan Calabrese

Almost all cake recipes require preheating the oven ... except this one. At the end of the 20th century, "cold oven cakes" were very popular, since you didn't have to turn on the oven (and spend on light) until you needed it, as American Cake, A cookbook But in addition, there is an extra benefit: the biscuits are cooked evenly, which means they do not have a superior dome, and achieve a "nice and crunchy crust," culinary historian Gloria Smiley tells author Anne Byrn.

The best trick? Gradually increasing the temperature as the cake is cooked.

Delicious fruit tarttas.

Bet on the Greek Jonathan Boulton

For a denser and richer chocolate cake (and with more protein than the typical cake!), Use Greek yogurt instead of butter or oil in the recipe. Sour cream also looks good, but it has less protein. You will not notice the difference, but you will feel satisfied for a longer time.

Chocolate and red wine cake.

A cake with ... bubbles! Joslyn Blair

This old trick is found in Weight Watchers: use a cake and soda mix box Light, and only those two ingredients will make a cake without doubt light and fluffy. Chocolate biscuits and Diet coke They are surprisingly rich, but for best results, try a mixture of yellow sponge cake or spices with cream, and soda (dietary or normal). It has the same flavor as a cinnamon roll, but less heavy.

This coca cola cake is the new chocolate cake.

Sweeten with ... Sauerkraut !? Flickr / Tim Hoggarth

The fermented cabbage is the last thing we would think of throwing in the cake dough, but it is surprisingly and adds moisture to a chocolate cake. It is a trick very tried by the Dutch. If you try, make sure the sauerkraut is very well drained, rinsed and finely chopped, so that the cake does not have an acid taste or fibrous texture.

Sponge cake with milk

To make a boxed cake mix taste more dense, like a homemade one, substitute the water in the recipe for milk, suggests Kasey Schwartz of All Things Mamma.

More butter Chelsea Lupkin

Raise the flavor with melted butter instead of vegetable oil in the recipe. Create a lighter and fluffy cake without diminishing that spectacular cocoa flavor. The proportions are not exactly 1: 1, you will need a little more melted butter than oil, so check this guide before you start baking.

And more patience ... Flickr / Dave Parker

You know that you should let the biscuits cool before starting them, but waiting until they are completely at room temperature can cause them to fall apart. It may seem contradictory, but the ideal moment is when the bottom of the mold is still warm to the touch. If it cools too much, gently heat the bottom of the mold over low heat (just make sure it is not too hot to the touch!).

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