A current apartment in an 18th century building

A current apartment in an 18th century building

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Built in the 18th century in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, This building still retains the hallmarks of its noble past; but a successful remodeling gave him the advantages of the current spaces. The approach of the work was very complex due to the scarce natural light of the original plant, poorly maintained and full of divisions, which its current owners dreamed of transforming into luminous and visually wider spaces.

The studied reform was carried out by the architecture studio Meritxell Ribé who began by a complete restoration of the original elements of the floor: of the seen vaults, as well as wooden beams, They now present their natural color. In addition, all possible partitions were demolished, with the aim of facilitating the entry of natural light, and higher than usual door openings were created, which guarantee the free circulation of clarity throughout the house.

The current plant presents an organization used to the millimeter, from which they result three large bedrooms; The main one also has an original dressing room integrated into the access to the room, and two full bathrooms. The common areas are integrated into a single very practical space, with large windows without dressing and the incredible beauty of the cladding, which alternate wood and hydraulic tiles as delimiters of environments, and the decorative presence of the roof vaults with their wooden beams views rescued after decades of the painting that hid them. The structural elements, both decorative and characteristic, they constitute the perfect environment for a current decoration, with marked design details, such as the slate of the bathrooms or the most casual and flirtatious steel and textile spotlights. Together they add positive qualities to a comfortable and colorful family home located in a neighborhood full of history.

Advertising - Keep reading below A room with room for everything

The largest room in the house was organized as a multispace with room for the living area, dining room and kitchen. The furniture and auxiliary seats became a magnificent resource that allows to increase the functionality
of each environment.

Sofa, by Perobell. Low lacquered stone furniture by Treku. Armchair, by Luzio. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas. Poufs and coffee tables, from the Meritxell Ribé Studio.

United spaces

Communication between spaces is very important to create breadth and facilitate the passage of light; Therefore, large openings were made.

The side tables, the poufs, the lanterns and the carpet that decorate the corridor come from the
Meritxell Ribé study.

A charming dining room

The dining room, in a casual and elegant Provencal style, is used both for a formal dinner and for daily lunches.

Table and chairs in painted and natural wood, from the Meritxell Ribé Studio. The ceiling lamp is the GT5 model, from Santa & Cole.

The candlelight

The faint glow of the flame envelops with its sense of calm and its aura of mystery at any time of the day. Achieve it with some tea candles inside empty glass yogurt jars.

Multifunction space

The design of a large independent island, with the integrated cooking zone and plenty of storage space, becomes the main axis in the distribution of the kitchen and dining room. Its oak design, in tune with the dining room table, functions as a link between the two environments.

Bell, from Pando. Dining table and chairs designed by the Meritxell Ribé Studio.

Showy Details

The current of country chic and its characteristic print patchwork It has evolved in the form of applications and overlays made with fabrics of different colors and textures. They are the last shout in decorative trends hand made

Integrated kitchen

The obvious change of pavement in the cooking zone was the best resource to visually delimit the living room and the kitchen without partitions.

Kitchen furniture and ceiling lamp designed by the Meritxell Ribé Studio. Flexo of black foot, of House Doctor.

The children's bedroom in white and pink

Custom furniture became perfect allies when it came to solving the irregularities of the plant. Highlights the closet designed to take advantage of the angle of the wall.

Wardrobe and study table designed by the Meritxell Ribé Studio. Pink chair and bed, Flexa.

Fair furniture

The space in the children's room, although ample, was very irregular, so we opted for a simple decoration only with the fair elements fleeing from superfluous furniture and ornaments.

Model Shelving Tria, de Mobles 114. Coffee table with wooden legs and blue envelope, by Habitat. Stool, from House Doctor. Bedding and cushions, from Filocolore.

A stool with a message

Accessories, textiles or even furniture with a message are an upward value. We like to convey sensations, positive energy and simple missives; Why not do it through our belongings?

Master bedroom with closets in sight

The access to the rest area, triangular, was perfect for installing an open dressing room as a corridor.

Model bed Juliet, from Rafemar. Bedding, from Filocolore. Lamparitas, from La Maisons. Jute carpet and bedside tables, from the Meritxell Ribé Studio.

A personal deco

Personal objects are transformed into decorative elements with an important impact on final interior design. His presence undoubtedly personalizes and brings a special character to every corner.

A room with touches of color

Although it is convenient to opt for a neutral and bright base full of harmony and tranquility, it is worth playing with splashes of color on the bedding.

The cushions or the quilt are perfect for this. Everything from Filocolore.

Suite provision

Thanks to the installation of a sliding door embedded in the wall, the master bedroom has a very spacious integrated bathroom.

Hansgrohe shower group. Wooden furniture designed by the Meritxell Ribé Studio.

Beautiful and functional accessories

Organize the smallest accessories in large colored baskets, ideal for decorating the bathroom.

Colored baskets, with floral print by Zara Home.

Wood and slate bathroom

In the main bathroom we opted for the contrast in the materials. The clay and wood vaults form a perfect balance with the black slate that covers all the walls.

Iroco wood cabinet and mirror, designed by the Meritxell Ribé studio. Washbasin, from the Catalan firm.

Plan and ideas of the reform


- The new floor of the house It shows several irregularities that, far from disturbing, make each space a unique environment. In the bedrooms, for example, the angle of the wall next to the door became the ideal place to locate the closet and then the study area.

- The structural elements so original create a stage already decorative. The ceilings with vaults and exposed wooden beams prevail, the floor-to-ceiling windows with their wrought iron balconies and, of course, the original wooden flooring in natural finish.


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