Organize a fun snack with friends

Organize a fun snack with friends

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The first thing you should keep in mind is that the number of guests is adequate for the capacity you have at home. Have a place so that they feel, are comfortable and can enjoy the party. The time ideal is 17,30 h. at 9pm. Notify them with time!

Table. Place one, buffet type, in the center of the room, so that you can circulate comfortably and easily reach the food. If you have space, you can put a smaller one to sit down later to chat. Household, it is time to take everything you had saved for a special occasion. The table linen, cups and teapot inheritance of your grandmother ... Do not forget the cutlery, glasses and napkins for dessert. Dishes that are of different sizes. Dare and mix styles!

Combines materials, such as glass and porcelain, and mix pieces of different sizes Y colors. You will succeed for sure!

Food and drink. The candy can not miss: pastries, cupcakes, cupcakes, some sponge cake or a chocolate or carrot cake. Prepare something salty: canapés, mini tartlets ... Sandwiches that are soft and light flavors: cheese, ham or salmon with cucumber.

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The star drink is coffee and infusions. Make a tasting of teas: green, white, mint ... Put a bowl with slices of lemon and a jar with milk. Juices, serve in jugs or in a bottle vintage, never in the original containers. Surprise them and place small signs indicating the flavors.

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