An apartment with personal touches

An apartment with personal touches

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The beautiful original structure of this old apartment was responsible for the real crush that its current owner felt when visiting it for the first time. Therefore, he did not hesitate to acquire it; also largely due to its excellent location, right in the center of Madrid, an area consistent with the pace of life that its owner leads. Regarding the organization of the space, the original distribution of the house was maintained, with the carpentry restored and reinforcing the presence of some architectural elements as decorative as useful in the reorganization of the environments; The whole plant, of course, is adapted to the current type of life.

One of the most curious features of this floor is the express desire of its owner to bet on an austere decoration, reduce the main furniture to a minimum and opt for a sober white paint. The goal is to emulate a brand new canvas on which to express your emotions and moods through an interior design based on ephemeral pieces. Her declared passion for decoration, is a follower of the latest trends, leads her to conceive her own home as a changing space. This is why he loves to renew textiles, auxiliary furniture and ornamental details from time to time, to achieve a new twist to the interior design of each environment.

In the face of the most festive season of the year, for example, the details in the range of reds - in their most sober version - take center stage; especially in the form of carpets, assorted pillows or small ornaments. The decorative light garlands bring a suggestive air to certain environments, such as the bedroom, so relaxing thanks to its new lighting, which invites you to keep the classic Christmas ornament throughout the year. The color pillows and the pink blanket also play an important role here, directly responsible for the change in a decoration based on white as the basis for any renovation.

Still always looking for renovation, there are some fixed pieces that become the main thread of decoration; the furniture of the 50s and 60s with triangular legs and wood as the star material. Both the kitchen and the bathroom are separated from this line, both very functional and spacious spaces, with a lot of storage space and, once again, with white as a starting point, which facilitates the inclusion of accessories and accessories contrast colors.

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An inveterate reader and book lover, the owner wanted to include her hobby as a fundamental part of the decoration. We found them stacked by the fireplace, on shelves, wall niches and, of course, in the bookstore.

A personal decorative bet easy to integrate into this space thanks to the predominance of white, which lightens and illuminates.

Ornaments, by Ikea and Leroy Merlin. Cushions, from MCH.

Party dress

The classic decoration of the lounge, with furniture vintage and a fireplace with a marble mouth, welcomes the contrast caused by the XXL lanterns as a garland that are piled up in a corner.

Carpet, from Dolz Collection. Cushions,
of MCH. Garland, from Ikea. On the coffee table, ornaments by Leroy Merlin.

Christmas is coming

And with it the ornaments, the lights, the decorated tree ... We love it in all its versions. Here, for example, the option is intentionally sober, elegant and monochromatic: chrome and candles triumph.

Discreet and elegant

A festive air is transmitted from the entrance door, with a simple and traditional decoration; A big star and a mini Christmas tree make clear the intention to celebrate.

Silver star with matching ribbon, by Leroy Merlin. Carpet by Ikea. Picture by Jaime Gorospe.

The cushions

Large format, small, square, rectangular, even round, the cushions are perfect allies when it comes to giving life and color to a space. They can be combined, changed and renewed at will and with a minimum investment. We love them!

Paper ornaments!

If you are looking to run away from gold and glitter this Christmas, bet on Nordic style ornaments on paper. They are very decorative, they can be hung, since they do not weigh, and when the parties are over, they fold and
They do not take up space.

Candles are essential

And even more if we talk about a holiday season like this. Our recommendation is that you combine shapes and finishes and place varied still lifes over beautiful centers.

Passage area

The arch-shaped opening - as usual in the old manor houses - and the frames that frame it were restored and preserved as a separating element between the living room and the dining room. A structure of great beauty that does not require any additional ornamentation to highlight its presence.

Yellow Plaid, from The 2nd Downtown. Cushions, from MCH.

A table set

The traditional Christmas table has multiple versions. It can be classic, with complete crockery and glassware, or like here, something more informal, but impeccable.

Highlights the contrast of the copper branches on the marengo tablecloth and the curious choice of red plates on individual fiber. It's perfect!

Oriental style dishes, in Vinçon. Christmas decorations, by Leroy Merlin.

A neutral base

In the living room, basic furniture and smooth upholstery were chosen as the basis for leaving cushions, accessories and carpets the responsibility of introducing color notes; yes, always in harmonic tones.

MCH, Dolz Collection and Macarena Saiz cushions. Aged pink carpet model Decolorized, from Golram in Dolz Collection. Paper garland in mink tones, from Ikea.

Well used

The kitchen is the most functional environment of the house. Distributed in an L-shape and with a lot of storage capacity, it was organized so that a small dining room could be included. It also highlights the mirror front in the cooking zone; A fantastic idea to create a greater feeling.

Carpet by Zara Home. Cloths and matching apron in red, from Lexington.

A mini office

Having a dining area in the kitchen makes life easier; create yours, no matter how small the space is, and highlight it with a colorful and fun sheet, adequate lighting and color utensils

Unique pieces

Retro furniture decorates and completes the different rooms. In the bedroom, for example, an old desk with brass handles stands out at the foot of the bed. A point of success in the final deco of this space that adopts a beautiful eclectic air.

Old desk. Aged pink bedspread, from The 2nd Downtown.

Recover pieces from another time

And integrate them into the current decoration; The result is fantastic. Do not be afraid to mix styles, it is the latest fashion, yes, without abusing and always maintaining balance.

Suggestive ideas

Like candles, luminous garlands based on small leds You can recreate that warm and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Here, next to some fluffy pillows, the atmosphere is relaxing.

Light garland with star, by Leroy Merlin. Cushions, from NYA Nordiska in Macarena Saiz.

Very personal

A very original and casual decoration shapes the bedroom, chaired by a large white headboard and with two foot flexes as complementary lighting. An old mannequin occupies the place of one of the bedside tables and puts its peculiar decorative note in the atmosphere.

Model Lamps Ptolemy, from Artemide, in Vinçon. Carpet by Jacaranda Carpets in Macarena Saiz.

Long live the white!

The bathroom, like the kitchen, triumphs for its simplicity and functionality; white also prevails here in sanitary ware and coatings and the color is reserved for accessories,
In this case, the towels. In addition, some details in wood help to heat the space.

Multicolored striped towels, from Zara Home. Candles, from Ikea.

Take advantage of the house

Still located in an area of ​​the house with very little natural light, something recurring in old houses, the kitchen looks clear and spacious today thanks, in part, to its square floor plan that is very easy to make profitable.

A key point in the renovation of the kitchen was the search for luminosity; This was enhanced by furniture and white finished coverings.

A simple, but very effective, resource was to install a mirror front under the cabinets in the cooking zone. It becomes a small visual trap that brings depth to space and also multiplies clarity.

In a neutral environment, textiles play a vital role, which put the color note and balance the final result.