A reform well done

A reform well done

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The high ceilings, with exquisite moldings, or the beauty of the windows before, with wrought iron balconies, are just some of the charms that old houses like this exhibit. Here the disadvantage was the distribution based on small rooms and without a corridor; Therefore, the renovation of the house focused on join spaces and create open areas that will combine the delicacy of the old with the functionality of the new materials.
The major transformation was carried out in the current common areas. Now the living room is opened by means of a large arch opening to the dining room, installed in the kitchen, while another twin arch also communicates with the cozy office. A very original approach to the structure that also guarantees access to natural light to the whole environment. The decoration, perfect for this new special distribution, focused on the warmth of wood, prints, profuse but controlled, and the great retro furniture scattered throughout the house. Under these guidelines, being gets an aspect of "lifelong environment" equipped with a warm feeling of home that contrasts with the functionality of the new dining room just a couple of meters away.
The kitchen project could be defined as the most ambitious of housing when unifying environments. And it is that in addition to its practical function as such, it is equipped with a generous central island - half work area, half main dining room - and with a whole front of basic built-in wardrobes to store white clothes. The only corridor of the house leads to the bathroom and the two bedrooms, in which the wood of the floor and the light tones of the walls and carpentry as a base stand out. A striking and cheerful bedding puts the spring and sophisticated point in the case of the master bedroom. A sure and very successful decorative bet, since it offers the possibility of change when the next season arrives. The bathroom, which was kept in its original place so as not to cause problems of any kind with the downspouts, now exhibits a completely renewed aspect in terms of facilities and materials.

Advertising - Keep reading below The decoration in the living room

The main attraction of the living area lies in the pleasant feeling that conveys finally arriving home. The key to its success is in the choice of very diverse pieces, of diverse origin, time and style, which perfectly combine with each other.
Sofa, from KA International. Indian rug, from El Corte Inglés. Cushions, by Gastón y Daniela

Details that mark style

Toned add-ons create a sense of unity. Here the traditional glass paperweight was rescued to create a decorative still life and very resulton.
Decorated glass balls, for sale in Anmoder. Blue vase, from

Perfect union of environments

The living room opens directly to the kitchen without doors. A large open and finished arch-shaped opening allows visual communication between the two environments and thus relieves both spaces.
Old armchairs, from Madrid's El Rastro. The sideboard comes from El Casetón de Sigüenza.

A very personal office

The marked retro air of the office chairs enriches the decoration of the entire environment to the point of relaxing attention to everything else.
Table and shelving, by Ikea. Antique chairs from the 70s. Table lamp, by Habitat. Vases, from El Ocho and

The importance of complements

A correct set of heights based on translucent vases brings dynamism to the space where they are placed; To reinforce the feeling, nothing like long-stemmed flowers.

A dining room integrated in the kitchen

The dining room, installed on a kitchen island, gained seriousness thanks to the original two-color screens that crown it.
Screens, by Carmen Lasquetty. The whole kitchen was designed and made by Dosde. Balay appliances. Kitchenware, from El Almacén de Loza and from Zara Home.

Multipurpose Island

In the kitchen the perfect module was created to adapt to all occasions: it includes a sink, in case it is used as a work area, it has the perfect height to serve as a bar and the amplitude necessary to become a generous dining room for six or eight diners A multi-functional space!

New kitchen distribution

This image shows the generous breadth of the kitchen, with all the necessary appliances and a large central dining room.

Warehouse space in the kitchen

The kitchen was equipped with numerous large capacity cabinets.
Stools, for sale in Mobel K6. The carpet is from El Corte Inglés.

Color stroke

And if instead of trying to integrate the screens we highlight them? Vivid tones set a trend this season in the world of lighting. If they are opaque, in addition to decorating the environment, they sift artificial light creating a more intimate space, ideal for dining in company.

Summer dinnerware

The kitchenware also plays a decorative role of the first order; Therefore, it may be a good idea to have, instead of a daily tableware with many pieces, two different models and refreshing accessories.

A well thought out distribution

An original curved partition serves as a side for the built-in wardrobe and marks the access to the corridor and the rooms. A vinyl of plant motifs further highlights its presence.
Appliances, Balay. Kitchen furniture, Dosde.

Tasteful brush strokes in the bedroom

Refreshing in summer and warm in winter. To achieve both effects in the bedroom we chose a neutral base and a specific bedding for each season. Nice details such as the easel with the exposed jewelery make a difference.
Bedding, Filocolore and Habitat. The easel was purchased at El Rastro.

Very resultones cushions

In the bedroom, the best decorative base in neutral tones, to ensure a well-deserved rest. The color can be reserved for bedspreads, cushions or other accessories that are easier to renew.

Mini office

Any corner, however small, may be sufficient and very practical to locate a collected work area. White or glass furniture is the lightest option in sight when the meters are short.
Metal table finished in white and with glass top, from Madrid's Rastro. Habitat chair. Orange lamp, by Decodelia. Vase, from Zara Home.

Recycled parts

An easel acts as a jeweler. An original proposal.

Functional bathroom

The bathroom is the most functional area of ​​the house; Resistant tiles and a large capacity furniture preside over it by reserving the color for towels and accessories. Towels and soaps come from Zara Home and Filocolore.

Dare to combine

The towels, although different, were chosen by color criteria. As you see in the photo, it is not necessary to display a complete game as long as they harmonize in the tones. A decorative success!

Plan and details of the reform

Keys to the reform
- A successful opening of openings in the union fronts guarantees almost complete communication between the spaces that make up the common areas. The auction of both, in the form of an arc, softens their presence.