Irish Buck, a refreshing cocktail

Irish Buck, a refreshing cocktail

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The whiskey with ginger ale has returned from the past, to give a little nostalgia to those who drank it 20 years ago and a novelty for those who did not know it. The main asset of this cup is the mixture of the usual flavors with newer ones, such as ginger or lime, which soften the strength of whiskey.


- 45 ml of Irish whiskey
- 70 ml of ginger ale
- 1 lime
- mint
- Ice
- 1 piece of lime to decorate

Pour the ice in a wide mouth glass and cool. Put the whiskey with a meter and add the ginger ale.
Peel the lime, Squeeze the juice and mix gently.
Decorate with a piece of lime and a few sprigs of mint.

Curiosities: Ginger ale is a carbonated drink consisting of water, lemon, sugar and ginger aroma, which does not contain alcohol. It has been consumed for centuries, having great popularity in the US during the Dry Law, although its consumption was already usual a century earlier in English taverns. Today, it is used for many cocktails, not only accompanying whiskey, but also vodka and rum. There are two varieties, the Golden Ginger ale, -Dark color and strong flavor-, and the Ginger ale dry, which is the most popular, for its flavor and versatility.


The zucchini tartlets they are perfect. Wash and cut into thin slices and sauté with
oil and a clove of garlic.

Beat 500 ml of milk, 3 eggs and cheese to taste. Cut circles puff pastry 12 cm and put in molds for tartlets. Prick with a fork and place the zucchini. Pour the mixture over and put in the oven 20 min at 200º C.


Bring your cocktails to life and decorate them with style.



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