The best way to start the deco year? With plants, of course!

The best way to start the deco year? With plants, of course!

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Natural or artificial, large or small, all plants are perfect to achieve a goal primordial: fill homes with freshness, creating cheerful and welcoming environments that invite to stay.

You can bet on a maximalist style Y transform the room into an authentic botanical garden, or go by the branch minimalist with small cacti and succulents. But choose what you choose, be sure it is the best way to welcome the new year!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Happy and colorful Primark

The collection shows us that there is no corner that resists a good dose of nature in the form of flowers.

We love how you feel the mix of vivid tones with the white of the petals as a base.

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2 Green Rest Primark

The bedroom is another territory where plants are more than welcome, if you choose one matching bedding that emphasizes the botanical aura.

Tropical Duvet Cover € 25.07 on

But if there is something that surprises us it is the bed frame made with wooden pallets. You have noticed how well the row of books and plants at the feet?

3 The most natural exposure Primark

Do not doubt decorate the same area with plants of various sizes.

In this way, you will not only be giving personality, but you will have many options to play with the decoration At the time of choosing vases, pots and accessories.

Mid-century pot € 17.08 on

4 Little friends Primark

Desks, dressers and dressers, they are perfect furniture to accommodate small plants that enliven the environment.

Together with candles, incenses and figurines, they form a dream setting.

Pots for succulents € 9.93 on

5 A room in harmony Primark

The new Primark collection grant the prominence to plants, combining centerpieces dressed by small pots, with large plants and lanterns that give it a very air boho to the living room

Do you remember the Tacita Chip? € 18.19 at

6 An olive tree at home The English Court

To contemplate the beauty of olives you don't have to go to the countryside, you can do it from the heat of the home using some natural fiber pots, although they are also ideal with baskets.

Coconut fiber pot € 23.73 on

7 Mix to win Deco & Living

The artificial flowers They have the advantage that they last and last, being able to completely disregard their appearance.

Serve yourself glass and glass vases to get a style between rustic and vintage.

Buy them

8 From the roof Maisons du Monde

There is something more magical than a hanging plant? And it is that they not only catch us for their natural beauty, but also for the multiple possibilities they offer in terms of supports: glass planters type greenhouse, stone pots fastened by ropes ...

Buy here Terrarium flower pot € 26.34 at

9 Sweetness Details IKEA

If you want to choose a single complement for dress the dresser sideboard with feminine airs, a bouquet of flowers with pink petals will transform the place (for good).

Buy it € 10 at IKEA.

10 Alpine Essence The Colvin Co.

The lounge table It is usually a rather large size, so you need a decoration at your height, like this bouquet of flowers that elegantly combines lisianthus, roses and astromelias.

Buy it € 30 at Colvin.