10 signs that prove you are an autumn person

10 signs that prove you are an autumn person

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There is no doubt that spring and summer are the great seasons, but for some people, the fun doesn't really start until fall. If you identify with any of these situations, you are definitely An autumn person.

1. Although you love the multicolored palette of summer or the winter silver coat, nothing is more beautiful and inspiring than the burnt bronze nuances of the fallen leaves of the trees.

2. The garden comes alive ... The fruits of the forest open a world of preserves, and the vegetables become warm and relaxing soups.

3. Barbecues give way to crumbles, Spiced pies and breads. The kitchen is filled once again with homemade dishes and recipes.

4. Although it's not cold yet For the wool, the coolest breeze that wakes you up in the morning is appreciated.

5. Home becomes in an exhibitor of these autumn jewels that nature gives us: pineapples (of pine nuts), acorns and pumpkins with curious shapes.

6. You still don't want to give up the outdoor dining room, an outdoor stove (or fireplace) will create the perfect autumn afternoon, so romantic.

7. Your dog It's super cheerful playing among the fallen leaves.

8. You wrap your house With the scent of a scented candle inspired by the spices of autumn.

9. Do you enjoy changing closet to save the summer and welcome warmer clothes and shoes.

10. Enjoy Planting the bulbs in your garden for next spring.

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