The 7 most eco-friendly allies for your home

The 7 most eco-friendly allies for your home

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The English Court

Joining the international proposal of the "3R" (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) is easier than you imagine, since many small gestures contribute to achieving great achievements. That is why we propose that you start by optimizing the recycling of your house with very practical accessories that you can always have on hand. And here lies one of the factors of success. We have looked for the most chic and decorative recycling details so that they are visible without interfering with the style of your home. We start with the kitchen?

Advertising - Keep reading below So ideal The English Court

With a modern and elegant design, its metallic copper color is super modern! It could be a stool, but it is a garbage can to recycle. It has the perfect size for any kitchen and incorporates two compartments of 34 and 24 liters (organic and plastic) that make the task much easier. As you can see, the bag is always hidden. It is from the Simplehuman brand (€ 229) that we have discovered in The English Court and we love it! You want it?

To want is power The English Court

Tiny kitchens can also have their eco space. We propose that you hang this set of recycling bags (€ 11.95), with the colors of each waste, behind a door (or leave them on a terrace or balcony). They are made of plasticized raffia, of great resistance and capacity and with a long handle so that it is very comfortable to take them to the container. Views in The English Court. What idea!

Elegance, always The English Court

Keep the bags you need for trash, your pet's accessories or diapers in order (and at hand). How? In a wall bag dispenser, as elegant as this one, that you can install in a front of the kitchen, inside the cabinets or in the bathroom. It is made of anti-fingerprint steel and very easy to use (€ 19.95). You have it in the Home Planning section of The English Court. Perfect at home

Everything in its place The English Court

What is the waste you generate most? In homes with children: plastics and briks; in a millennial house: glass and paper; in a cool apartment, clothes; in a workplace: paper ... Maybe to recycle better at home you only need a large bucket, in the right color, that suits your lifestyle. This yellow Sort & Go 16 l of Brabantia (€ 29.95) we have found in El Corte Inglés and you have it ... In all colors

The most eco-friendly bathroom The English Court

It is a very common mistake to use the toilet as a receiver for wipes, cotton, hair, tissues ... Every time you use the tank there is a discharge of between 18 and 24 liters of water to remove a paper? A more eco-friendly option is to put a pedal bin in the bathroom and use it with a bag so that it is always in good condition. This retro style model with pedal (€ 9.95) is perfect in classic bathrooms. But in the section of bathroom bins of El Corte Inglés you will find designs for all tastes. Look at this

For your purchases The English Court

As you know the use of plastic bags is totally out. Put in your life and in your house a tote bag, of strong fabric, large capacity and resistant handles that you can use in your daily purchases, in your shopping afternoons or as an auxiliary bag. What do you think of this colorful model (Dubica shopping bag, € 11.90) that we have seen in The English Court? It is so divine! We even see it as a deco detail in the home hall. And you?

More use for your clothes The English Court

One way to keep the clothes you want to reuse in other seasons in good condition is to store them in a suit case. You will extend the life of your clothes, as it stays away from dust and insects that attack the tissues and does not take an unpleasant smell! Put them in the same color to help maintain order in the closet. We have seen them very beautiful in The English Court (from € 3) in different materials and measures. I love them