Esther Soriano, from Saint-Gobain Isover

Esther Soriano, from Saint-Gobain Isover

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Luis Alvarez

WHO: Commercial and marketing director of Saint-Gobain Isover and director of the Commercial Excellence Program of Saint-Gobain.

IS IN CHARGE OF: To direct all the commercial and marketing actions of Isover, as well as to promote and apply the concepts of commercial excellence within the Saint-Gobain Group.

Do you have any hobbies that help you disconnect? I love to travel, when I can, go to the movies or watch movies at home, read ... I also like to write a lot, although I haven't practiced it for a long time.

Rahim Isam / EyeEm

Do you think there is little awareness of how important it is to install insulation in homes?There is a long way to go, but I would say that the end customer is increasingly informed. And I would give advice to anyone who is thinking of doing some reform; I also think about the insulation because for a few euros more, taking advantage of the fact that it will reform a bathroom or a kitchen ... it is a good time to insulate the facade.

Míriam Yeleq /

The next destination you would like to visit ... Right now, I would love to travel to New Zealand or the great parks of the United States.

And to start the day well ... Coffee and, if possible, fruit and toast.

Courtesy Bialetti / SEE TEXT FIELD

The Isover firm specializes in sand mineral wool. Can you explain what role this material plays in a home?Sand mineral wool products are the easiest way to achieve the best sound insulation result in partitions and ceilings of laminated plasterboard. With it you can feel comfort, well-being and tranquility at home. There is a phrase that sums up our products and constructive solutions. Arena: the natural against noise.

And on a personal level, which of your functions in Isover do you enjoy the most?With many, but especially, in all the functions in which I work with people ... team management, dealing with customers ... is very enriching.

And when you don't work, you are ... Enjoying my family and my friends!

What do you need to be happy? Luckily, not much. I enjoy the little things.

What makes you always smile? My daughter Marta.

Do you have any personal plans that make you happy? Yes, continue with the healthy habit of making a trip every year with her to see a show. Last year was the Vienna Opera and the previous one, the Scala in Milan.


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