All in one: living room, dining room and kitchen

All in one: living room, dining room and kitchen

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This is the proposal of the architects of RdeRoom, Sandra Rodríguez and Rebeca Campo, to achieve a unified, modern, functional and very personal space. This is a room connected to the dining room and kitchen or a kitchen open to the living room or an environment with several areas that also integrates the hall.

Look how you look at it, the interior design project of this apartment on Calle Menorca in Madrid, has a different air. A diaphanous and spacious stay is achieved with functional furniture and under the creative prism of color, light and expression.

The starting point was a blank liezo. The decoration has nods to the cinema, also Nordic air and touch vintage Thanks to a Soviet fan that the owners wanted to keep. The sentimental value of a painting on the Italian coast, the place where the owners got married, also played an important role.

It is worth seeing the result: a single room where details matter, materials mix and the strength of yellow illuminates and heats the room.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room, dining room and kitchen in the same space

All in one because in the same space the living room, dining room and kitchen, delimited but open, and in only 50 square meters.
In this shot you can see the continuity of the environments on a canvas in very bright neutral tones.

The seating area: seats

A gray upholstered sofa with armrests and wooden legs and a yellow armchair are the seating area.

A movie lamp

Sandra Rodríguez and Rebeca Campo, from the RdeRoom studio, lit up the living room with a focus, inspired by the cinema. It's the lamp Film.

Light coffee tables

As coffee tables, a couple of nest tables, which are very light.

A crocheted aqua pouf

A pouf completes the seating area and the colors combine perfectly with a duo of cheerful paintings that dress the wall. Two huge letters vintage G Y P, the initials of the names of the owners of the house.

This is the lounge seating area

A wooden log as a footrest next to the lamp. A gray carpet delimits being.

Living room deco accessories

Detail of the lamp and the sheets on a shelf.

Sofa cushions

Graphic cushions, from the Danish House Doctor brand, energize the sofa.

A yellow armchair

This yellow armchair completes the seating area and illuminates the area with color.

Table Lamp Detail The dining room with a jewel lamp on the table

On the dining table a jewel lamp: Pirce, from Artemide.

Decorative detail on the dining room table

Decorative detail on the dining room table: colored candlesticks.

Passage area

The dining room is located between the living room and the kitchen, in a "passage area", hence light furniture has been chosen, although defined by a carpet.

Light pieces that decorate and delimit

Table Vinti It is of light lines with glass top and legs in black lacquered metal. The chairs are the model Bertoia.

The wink of color in charge of the carpet of the Danish firm Ferm Living with geometric prints inspired by Art Deco.

View of the dining room from the living room

Continuous space In 50 square meters several environments are successfully resolved.

View of the room from the hall The kitchen

In the kitchen, RdeRoom customized the bar that already existed when they took over the project. A cantilever bar envelope was designed and the area was combined with several stools, all in natural wood.

Bar detail

The idea of ​​the bar was that it also works for work but it is perfect for breakfast or a drink while the cook finishes the dish on the stove.

The kitchen, also integrated in the hall

The kitchen, open to the room, is also integrated into the hall as in the house it is the first environment that is found when entering.

Blank with touches of color

On the bar and in a kitchen where total white predominates, three small green lacquered metal ceiling lamps mint They are sold in the RdeRoom store.

Fruit bowls on the kitchen countertop

Three fruit boxes decorate the kitchen work area.

Detail of the fruit bowls

Detail of the fruit bowls, available in the store of

View of the composition of the hall towards the entrance

The television is installed on the wall, which serves the living room and dining room. In this shot you can see the view from this corner towards the hall.

Coat racks at the entrance

The entrance is completed with a fun combination of black-wood button coat hangers, from Bloomingville, perfect for leaving your coat or bag, which also becomes a beautiful and cheerful dot pattern when empty.

The hall

The entrance is organized around a creative and elegant composition with the light furniture as the main element as a console, combined with a mirror and a collage squared.

A piece of furniture that brings style

The furniture is made of mango wood in natural finish and iron feet. A rustic chic and industrial touch at the same time, very well fitted.

Baskets to organize

The furniture is used to organize small accessories with baskets.

Touches of color in the accessories

On the console several vases, yellow, from the firm Broste, and aquamarine, from 'Bloomingville.

A collage on the wall

Leaning on the wall and on the furniture a large mirror. Around the composition several pictures and sheets of different sizes and frames.