Star food: We tell you all about nougat and its varieties

Star food: We tell you all about nougat and its varieties

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Nuria Serrano

Nougat is a dough consisting basically of peeled and toasted almonds, sugars and honey. The hard one contains the whole almonds, while in the soft one they are ground. Alicante and Jijona head these varieties and these names are protected with quality seals from the Regulatory Council of Appellations of Origin. They are the nougat par excellence. However, there are many other elaborations of this popular dessert. We review them.

There are many varieties of nougat but we have chosen the most popular in the market to know them better. Nuria Serrano

Alicante or Imperial nougat,
It is also known by this name, and it is not for less. Nougat is made with natural ingredients, without chemical additives, and its vegetable fats help fight cholesterol.

Guirlache Typical of Aragon, guirlache is a sweet made with almonds and caramelized sugar.

from Jijona. The content of beneficial oils is very high, because ground almonds are its main ingredient.

Nougat dand yolk To the classic pasta is added candied yolk (which can be toasted). The one of yolk is a "nougat of workman"; This category includes coconut and candied fruits.

Catalan cream nougat. The traditional dessert has also given rise to this nougat that reproduces its flavor and whose top layer of toasted and crunchy caramel makes a difference.

Coco nougat Of tropical flavor, you do not need to go through special machines, you use the kneader and unroasted almond in a preparation similar to that of marzipan.

With fruits Its beautiful color is made by pieces of orange, lemon, cherry, plum ... candied. This variety is perfect for frosty fruit lovers.

Crunchy Chocolate Nougat. Cocoa paste is mixed with puffed rice, which provides its rich crunchy texture.

Three chocolates. Praline black, with milk and white. This contemporary nougat combines three flavors that offer a greater or lesser degree of sweetness. A sin for "chocolate-addicts".

Nougat of pistachios. You need molten white chocolate (275 g). Add orange blossom water (24 ml), butter (30 g) and pistachios (35 g) and mix. Leave 6 hours in the fridge in a mold lined with baking paper. Unmold carefully.

Pistachio nougat Nuria Serrano


Keep and cut. Put it on a hard surface, such as a kitchen board, with a sharp knife so that it does not crumble. When you have opened the tablet, keep it in the covered refrigerator, so that it does not dry out. You should not take it very cold to the table: leave it out a little before the desserts. It is best to serve the nougat, both hard and soft, at about 15º C.

Nuria Serrano

How you pair well. What to drink when taking nougat for dessert? To enhance the taste of this sweet, you must counteract the excess sugar with a drink that offers a slight acidity: so the result will not be too cloying. The cava goes very well, also the tonic or the gin and tonic. If non-alcoholic drinks are preferred, the best accompaniment is a cup of coffee or tea.

Nougat in the market:

Alicante nougat Alicante nougat 1880

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3,99 €

Artisan nougat Artisan nougat Vicens

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8,92 €

Guirlache nougat Guirlache nougat 1880

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3,99 €

Hazelnut nougat Hazelnut nougat Vicens

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7,50 €

Chocolate nougat Chocolate nougat Suchard

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7,78 €

Soft Nougat Soft Nougat Delaviuda

To buy

7,29 €

Chocolate nougat Chocolate nougat with almonds

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2,61 €

Yolk nougat El Almendro yolk nougat

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11,59 €

Jijona Nougat Jijona Nougat Antiu Xixona

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6,87 €