2017 will be the year you want to change your floors

2017 will be the year you want to change your floors

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The floors are in fashion, the owners who want to reform a space of their house begin with the feet. It is a great investment, 29% of the owners opt for the floors in this year 2017, followed by the bathroom and the kitchen (both 27%) according to Plentific.

The soil specialist Ecora says that this year will be one of "the most dynamic" regarding the soil, with the owners more and more creative and in search of originality. "Many things have to be considered when selecting a floor as it is a piece of the house that cannot go out of style," says Ecora, the director of Jeandre du Toit. "It needs to be timeless and versatile"

These are some of this year's trends:

Dark floors

For a while, lighter wood has been the most popular and elegant in most homes, creating modern and stylish spaces. This year, dark grays and browns bring a sophisticated spirit to any home by adding extra quality. A dark wood can also give that touch vintage and glamorous that you like so much as a clean and modern touch.

Green Park Oak Herringbone, from € 110 at Ecora.

Natural finish

The most natural wooden floors are stomping. A finish like this, where the strands of wood are seen and all the details that make it so natural give the spaces an impeccable style that does not go out of style.

Smoky Mountain, € 96 per square meter at The Natural Wood Floor Company


The owners are now much more creative than before in terms of the arrangement of wood and that provision is a very important element in interior design. -Ecora

Cork floors

The cork floors have returned and it is basically because of their combination of the flexibility of their design, their characteristic echo and the health benefits. Cork floors do not absorb dust and are resistant to bacteria and fungi, and is widely known for its ability to reduce noise. - Sisal & Seagrass

Sisal & Seagrass 'Quick Cork Champagne Sand', € 58 per square meter.

Ceramic and porcelain for kitchens

The 2017 survey Houzz UK Kitchen Trends reveals that in the reforms of kitchens, ceramic and porcelain, are the favorite choice (30%) followed by wood and stone (both 16%).

Tiles 'Pistachio Aquarelle', ceramic, € 35 per square meter at Walls and Floors Ltd

OSB (conglomerate)

It has a long life, it is hard and easy to clean. It is a good option if you want a floor that remains in perfect condition for a long time. If you like the most contemporary style it may be a very good choice, designer Lesley Taylor (of The Baked Tile Company) says: "The 'Chipboard' collection is stylish and sexy, and also matches any room."

'The Chipboard Collection' from € 53 per square meter at The Baked Tile Company

Via: Country Living US


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