A renovated apartment and open to the future

A renovated apartment and open to the future

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Gain amplitude, storage space and light. These were the three objectives that the interior designer Lara Pujol had when she embarked on the reform of this 71 square meter apartment located in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia, very close to the Plaza de la Vila. The building had been built in the 60s and the whole house

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Interior designer Lara Pujol has renovated this 71 square meter apartment located in the Gràcia neighborhood, in Barcelona.

Radical change

The flat was very compartmentalized and had four rooms. Lara Pujol opened the spaces, reduced the number of rooms to two and reformulated the distribution to make it more functional.


Wooden slats as a lattice in the distributor divide the area day and night. In front, the door of the new toilet.


In addition to the bathrooms that each bedroom has, a guest toilet has been placed.

Shared space

The kitchen, dining room and living room occupy the same space.

Custom furniture

The kitchen furniture, which reaches the living room to give storage space to this area, was custom designed.

Stockholm syndrome

The dining room table and chairs belong to the series Stockholm from Ikea.

Sand and black

The kitchen furniture has structure and doors in melamine board of sand color and countertop in Silestone black.

Hydraulic floors

Some original hydraulic floors were partially recovered and replicated to create decorative carpets.

Front view

From the end of the room you have a complete view of the entire day area of ​​the house.

Brick walls

Interior designer Lara Pujol discovered the walls to leave the original brick in sight.


The wall sconces that run throughout the room are the model Ranarp from Ikea in bone white.

Seating area

Sofa and armchair series Kivik of Ikea with anthracite gray fabric.

Well used

The height of the ceilings has been used to create heights with storage space.

A different headboard

On the headboard of one of the rooms, composition of Ikea boxes.

Vestiges of the past

The original brick was also left visible in the bedrooms, providing warmth and texture.

Custom wardrobe

In the background you can see the bathroom.


The furniture on which the sink rests is work.

Mirror and window

The sink was located just under the window, so a mirror was placed in one of them.


The floor was also used in the shower.

The second bedroom Desk

The access hall to the bathroom was used to place a work space.