A renovated family home

A renovated family home

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When this apartment was built, back in the mid-50s of the last century, life was very different from what it is today. Its distribution, very fragmented and untidy, fulfilled the function of obtaining the maximum possible rooms in the 76 square meters available. But today it is not necessary to have so many single rooms. For this reason, the couple, who inherited this apartment in which their grandparents lived, decided to go to Manuel García's studio to completely reform it and adapt it to the rhythm of them and their young son.

The interior designers decided to cut for the sake and knock down partitions to open the space. They drew three zones: one by day, with the living room and a small study that can be isolated through a glass door; one at night, with the bedrooms; and a third of services, with the corridor, the kitchen and the bathroom, enclosed in a cube of mirrors that serves as a resource to visually expand the limits of the space and reflect and multiply the light.

In interior design, neutral tones predominate, which provide contemporary, and noble materials, such as oak and white marble, that blend perfectly with original elements of the house such as moldings, high ceilings or original windows. . The design also combines different times: current pieces of discrete lines coexist with reclaimed furniture that was already in the house achieving a modern result, but that does not forget its past. Prepared to continue writing the future of this family.
Photos: Diego Opazo

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The owners of this 50's apartment located in the center of Alicante went to Manuel García's studio to adapt it to their current needs.

Go to the light

The living room was located in the area with better orientation, ensuring good views and lighting.

Single lines

Very current furniture has been chosen, but with sober lines, achieving a timeless result.


The house has been equipped with recognized and selected pieces of furniture in white, neutral and gray tones, permeating the space of luminosity.


The television cabinet, white and sober, goes almost unnoticed.

Original version

Although in some rooms the ceiling had to be lowered to make way for the necessary new facilities, the height and moldings were maintained in the room.

Dinning room

In white and wood tones.

Part by part

The interior designers divided the house into three zones: one by day, one by night and another by service.

Dining room view Case study

A study area has been installed next to the dining room.

The study is independent after a parsol glass enclosure, while allowing some privacy but favoring visual communication between both rooms.

Knock on wood

The study highlights the generous flown table made again in stained oak.

Collector's Gallery

On the desk, a careful selection of graphic works by renowned authors and different travel photographs of the owners.

All in half light

Plaster moldings were used to install indirect lighting on the false ceiling.

Privacy settings

In front of the desk, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase made of oak, located in front of the parsol glass cloth, acts as a visual filter between this space and the adjacent room.

Service zone

The service area brings together the distributor, a bathroom, the kitchen and a small gallery.

This area, which was previously the most unfavorable and dark, has become the backbone of the project, transforming the bathroom into a large mirror cube.

Mirror cube

For interior designers, this mirror cube is "an amplifier or central core that multiplies the light and reflects the different activities that happen around it."

Inside the cube

The central mirror cube, protagonist of the project, houses the bathroom of the house hidden inside.

Shower light

Maintaining the essence of the rest of the rooms, natural materials such as wood and marble make up an elegant and peaceful space. The interior of the shower has been solved with a backlit stretch ceiling that provides warm and diffused lighting.

Open minded

At the bottom of the hall is the kitchen, fully open to the rest of the house.

Oak wood

"Looking for maximum integration, the lower modules have been made in oak, forming a fold of the pavement floor itself," they explain from the study of Manuel García.

White marble

"On the oak cabinets, the white marble runs through countertop and vertical walls creating a formal and visual continuity that also allows easy maintenance of this work area."

Eat in the kitchen

Detail of the countertop and the bar area for informal meals in the kitchen.

Black and white Main bedroom

Thanks to the combination of light tones, the abundant natural light and the moldings of the false ceilings, it becomes an elegant and relaxed space.

Bed companions

Both the bedside table and the dresser are from Treku.

Gray matter

On the headboard wall a vinyl paper in gray tones has been installed.

Get comfortable

Treku dresser detail.

Child's bedroom

Continue with the style of the house, but it has been adapted to make it more friendly and cheerful.

Between cottons

"Textiles of geometric shapes and green tones are the wink that makes this simple room a more casual space," they explain from the study.

Play house

The wall next to the bed has been lined with the same vinyl paper as the master bedroom.


View of the closet of the children's bedroom.