The most popular recipe on the Internet: Chicken Marsala

The most popular recipe on the Internet: Chicken Marsala

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We know of people who ask Marsala chicken in every restaurant they go to, but we have never gotten so much attention. Until we discovered that it was the most sought after recipe, to prepare chicken, on the Internet.

Being such a popular dish, we were surprised how easy it is to prepare Chicken Marsala. It all consists of a Marsala wine sauce - a Sicilian wine that is really not as cloying as we thought - and the chicken broth (with a little cream to make the broth creamier), mushrooms and parsley. What really makes it even more surprising, is that it is a flavor that we always come back to.

This chicken is definitely elegant enough to serve your friends for dinner and easy enough for a Tuesday night. The only annoying thing is having to buy Marsala, but you're going to want to keep preparing it, so look at it as an investment.

Here is the recipe.

Via: Good Housekeeping US