An outdoor buffet

An outdoor buffet

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With the arrival of good weather you want to enjoy the outdoors, including meals. If you have thought hold a buffet or snack for your baby shower, your child's communion, or any other event, Take the dining room table to the garden and start your creativity, both for the menu and for the table decoration itself. In www.airedefiesta.com You will find all kinds of items that will help you recreate the environment. And as icing do not forget the topping That will encumbrar your dessert! Enter the blog toppingcupcakes.blogspot.com.es and learn to make cakes and cupcakes, step by step, and decorate them with mastery with flowers, bows or butterflies.

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Place the tablecloth along the table, if it gives you for it. In the event that you do not have such a long model, join several individuals with ribbons tied in delicate knots or bows. Polka dot fabric, Ribes and Casals.

Custom cups

When it comes to toast, it prevents the glasses from getting confused. How? Write the name of each guest on the glass with a special marker to write on glass. Cups and glasses, from Guáimaro.

Flower centers

Give the table a festive air with flowers and plants grouped in bottles, vases or pots. Try not to be too tall, so that they do not make conversation difficult.

The cake

Whether you make the cake or order it, customize its decoration. Place a thin wire on the cusp and give it the shape you want: a name, a message, a silhouette or a number, like here. 3-story cake, from Silvia Cakes. Wire, from Søstrene Grene.