How and where do I keep my boots?

How and where do I keep my boots?

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The cold comes from the hand of the boots, the favorite footwear of autumn and winter. They do not usually come in a single pair and usually accompany a couple of models to show off different styles. All this translates into the same question, autumn after autumn: where do I keep them?

The closet is usually the common location to store them but unfortunately, the vast majority do not have a dressing room wide enough to be able to store them as if it were a counter.

Storage solutions then become necessary. In order not to spoil them, we recommend that you keep their shape by inserting crumpled newspaper inside and standing up.

You can choose to place a small shower curtain rod between two furniture and place your boots, hung with hangers with tweezers. A useful solution to keep them in perfect condition.

You can also store them in original shoemakers based on vertical wood or metal structures in which to locate each piece and not lose their shape.

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Of course, the best solution is to adapt the wardrobe or dressing room to this type of footwear with specific solutions in which to include them throughout the year. In this way, they will last longer and, the winter you invest in a useful storage solution, you will save it later on buying new models every two times because they have deteriorated after having been stored improperly.

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And if you prefer a simpler option to place, for example, in the home hall or mudroom ...

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