The deco objects that succeed in Paris

The deco objects that succeed in Paris

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There, firms like Bandjo, Paparajote or Mustard are the favorites of design enthusiasts, who meet every day filling the capacity in search of the last treasure. These are ten of his favorites. The good news? You can buy online.


Advertising - Keep reading below Bandjo

The firm designs cult objects such as this jar with a lid, halfway between the Escandi design and Asian magic. (€ 22).


The Asian toy brand has become one of the favorites to decorate the shelves of Parisian houses. Among the favorite figures, this nice Doraemon, the famous cosmic cat. (€ 35).


Decorating through aromas is also a very popular sport in Paris. Among the firms that compete and have better acceptance is Kerzon.

Candle Parc Monceau (35 €).


Taking notes is more fun in Mustard donut-shaped notebooks (€ 7).


Its cloud-shaped cushions are among the most sought after. His sweetness is the main reason.

Cushion (€ 33).


That "you are in the clouds" takes shape with the designs of Paradis. This snowball is among those that used to run out in Colette. (€ 10).

Thom Browne

The designer has placed his multicolored fish-shaped pochettes among the first rows. Their prices make it even more exclusive (around € 1,000).

Wild and wolf

The firm and its funny 'take away' cups are the most viewed in Saint Honoré.

Mug 'Mr Men & Little Miss' (€ 10).