A terraced house with a warm and familiar decoration

A terraced house with a warm and familiar decoration

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Located in one of the new neighborhoods of Madrid, to this bright duplex It just lacked a current decoration. Its owners entrusted the project to the interior designer Paula Duarte who, with his extensive experience, has managed to highlight the best of housing. “My mission was to create a home for a family that was cozy and at the same time practical, with original details such as the dining room bench upholstered with an Andean fabric or bedside tables, which are logs.” In Paula's opinion, the construction company made A good job in providing the house with a modern interior architecture, but without stridency, and quality finishes. "The base of the materials was very neutral: white, gray ... which created a blank canvas on which to start working." On the ground floor there is a dining room that looks wider with its glass doors, wall to wall , which communicate with the terrace and make the exterior merge with the interior. Paula was able to enhance the brightness that floods the room and the amplitude created by prolonging the perspective with expert deco-solutions.

In the living room you can see the optimal distribution of the environments, with which the interior designer has taken more advantage of the floor by reserving the largest area for living and the second, for the dining room, with the table facing the terrace, and It has achieved a fluid circulation. Of the decoration it is possible to emphasize the good design of the furniture and the lesson of style that supposes the mixture of materials, like the wood, fiber and forge, with textile complements: cushions, blankets, carpet…

The impeccable image created with the blinds, which dress all the glass doors, also deserves special mention; a choice that adds style and makes the living room more welcoming, in addition to giving visual continuity to both environments. Other key elements that personalize the decoration, and give it a contemporary touch, are the black designs; among them, the round tables of rods and the carpet of the living area, or the trio of suspended lamps -with its golden interior- and the mirrors in the dining room.
In the bedrooms, the elegant sensibility of the decorator is perceived by combining textile accessories with bold harmonic contrasts, which convey optimism, provide warmth and, without a doubt, raise the decorative level of the rooms. In the main and children, textures and colors provide serenity and create enveloping atmospheres.

Kitchen: how to expand it:

Opt for light colors in walls, ceiling, floor and furniture - also in blinds or curtains - because the set enhances natural light and makes the space seem wider.

In general, custom furniture, which comes from floor to ceiling, is more practical; with a clear tone just like the wall, or very similar, and a refined front, they blend in with it.

It concentrates the furniture in a single wall, in order to gain space and to locate an office. Good idea of ​​this kitchen: choose a closet with glass door to lighten your visual weight.

The mess makes the kitchen look like a smaller space than it really is. Therefore, try to keep everything possible inside the cabinets and leave the countertop clear.

Advertising - Keep reading below Stylish lounge

Two beige sofas are the starting point for this cozy atmosphere, which is updated with black. In it they stand out for their attractiveness and impact on the decoration: the rod tables and the rhombus pattern rug.

Interior design, Paula Duarte Interiors. Sofas, by Natuzzi. Tables, by Borgia Conti. Cushions: prints, Ethnic Carpets; and plain linen, from Balakata. Vases, by Pinson. Carpet, by Kenay Home.

Optimal distribution

Dining room and living area, which take full advantage of the floor plan of the living room, have been distributed to favor a fluid circulation and access to the terrace. It is a space whose luminosity is tinted with vaporous blinds that enhance the windows while enriching the decoration.

Leroy Merlin bundle blinds, custom made in linen. Next to the sofa, table, by Maisons du Monde. Green blanket, from Balakata.

Good image

A bookcase and a low wooden furniture complete the lounge area of ​​the lounge, which brings warmth and its natural essence. The set, which is balanced, seduces by the sensations of calm and order it transmits.

Bookcase, by Maisons du Monde, with baskets and decorative accessories, by Zara Home, where the knitted pouf also comes from. The painting is by Elena Calonje.

Subtle contrasts

It is one of the keys of the interior design of this house: the diversity of soft tones and the mixture of textures in fabrics, wood, fiber and forge. Decoration, Paula Duarte Interiors.

Without rear or side panels

It is a visually lighter design that brings the warmth of the wood and the look of the structure's iron look. Bookshop, by Maisons du Monde. Basket and accessories, from Zara Home.

Chic dining room

The interior designer has created an environment with a very modern look, with pieces that stand out for their good design and have in common the color black. Plus of style: the bank is integrated into the decoration with an ethnic print of shades that harmonize with the wood and with its legs as stylized as those of the chairs.

Lamps, Light & Environment. Mirrors, by Maisons du Monde. Chairs, from Sillatea.com. Bank of Ethnic Carpets. Table runner from Balakata. Vases, by Pinson. Wallpaper, by Deco & Living.

A cozy home

It has been achieved with an infallible tandem: a paper and a carpet make up a soft bottom that conveys well-being. Console, by Maisons du Monde. Vases, by Pinson. Paper, by Deco & Living. Carpet by Tailak.

Festive air on the terrace

With the pink rainbow of the cushions and the brightness of the white, the dark furniture of the outdoor lounge arouses more visual interest. Cushions clear, Deco & Living, and colored, Ethnic Carpets. Furniture, from Ikea. Carpet by Tailak.

Full color

A mix of ethnic cushions encourages the decoration of this space with a stark contrast of black and white.

Furniture, from Ikea. Vases, by Pinson. Cushions clear, Deco & Living, and colored, Ethnic Carpets. White armchair, from East West. Big lantern, from Naluz. Pennants, by Teresa Abaitua. Plants, of Los Peñotes. Carpet by Tailak.

Chic table

It is achieved with original pieces - such as faceted glasses and jarrita - and a tablecloth that highlights it. Household and vase, by Pinson. Tablecloth and fiber tray, from Balakata. Chairs, from Ikea. Cushions, of Ethnic Carpets. Plants, of Los Peñotes.

Ultra-clear environment

The white furniture and the countertop in a soft sand tone, which extends on the wall, propagate the extraordinary luminosity of this space, where the exterior -when the blind is rolled-merges with the interior thanks
to the large window, wall to wall.

Kitchen furniture, from Gala Tiles. Countertop, from Silestone. Kettle and toaster, from Smeg. Chair, by Maisons du Monde. Pennants, by Teresa Abaitua. Roller blind, by Leroy Merlin.

Designer furniture

Table and bench designed by Paula Duarte, custom made by Iciaralonso.com. Tablecloth, from Balakata. Vase and tableware, by Pinson. Cuadros, by Elena Calonje. Wardrobe, Gala Tiles.

High cabinet

An office mini has been created next to the window thanks to custom furniture. To expand the warehouse area, this wall was used with a tall cabinet that lightens its visual weight with translucent doors.

The exquisite textiles

They add style to the decoration of the children's bedroom. Very inspiring the proposal of this environment, right? Cot and comfortable, by Piccolo Mondo. Blankets, sheets and cushions, from Zara Home.

Rest and fun

A round table with several mini chairs - under the watchful eye of the giraffe - make up an ideal children's corner. To give warmth and make the games more comfortable on the floor, two overlapping carpets were placed.

Table and chairs, from SuperStudio. Cot, by Piccolo Mondo. Painting by Elena Calonje. Pennants, by Teresa Abaitua. Basket, from Deco & Living. Pink carpet, from Zara Home.

Soft bedroom

Textures of fabrics and furniture gain prominence in contact with natural light in this bedroom, where soft tones are contrasted with other roses, which give a feminine touch to the decoration.

The trendy pieces here: the copper flexo and the wooden stump turned into a bedside table. Cabecero, by Kenay Home. Flexos, by Maisons du Monde. Trunk bedside table, by Lufe Furniture. Bank, Deco & Living. Bed linen and floral pajamas, from Balakata. Estores, by Leroy Merlin.

More personal

The cabinet with drawers in slate color and the textiles of lit tones become the focal point of this bathroom, projected with a countertop that extends to the bathtub, to take advantage of that corner, and a maxi mirror that visually expands the space.

Roca washbasin and bathtub. Porcelain stoneware, from Porcelanosa. Towels, from Zara Home. Vases, by Pinson. Painting by Elena Calonje. Carpet, of Ethnic Carpets.

Paula Duarte, interior designer

Since her study, Paula Duarte Interiores, which she founded in 2007, this interior architect, titled with extra training as a technical architect by the Polytechnic of Madrid, has carried out the decoration project of this newly built Madrid townhouse. In addition, Paula carries out complete or partial reforms "with personalized construction management to take care of all the details that make the difference." Other services of the studio: deco home coaching, express distance projects and personal shopper furniture and accessories.

Low level

Low level

First floor

First floor