Hotel Canaleta Heras: A farmhouse in the Ampurdán

Hotel Canaleta Heras: A farmhouse in the Ampurdán

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A different, special place. That is the feeling that the visitor has when he approaches, for the first time, the Canaleta Heras hotel. The person responsible for this impression is not just the environment, the quiet town of Espolla, in Alto Ampurdán. The majesty of the building -a farmhouse from the 17th century- and the decoration made by its owner, the interior designer Josep Canaleta, contribute to creating a unique atmosphere. Achieving it took a long time and an arduous task of rehabilitation.
The house had suffered throughout the centuries different reforms that masked its original beauty. The architect Silvia Musquera helped to recover the architectural elements - such as the four-point vaults - and the old materials, for example, the slate steps. Most of the tiles were brought from a demolished building, and those that were added new were made by hand to standardize their finish. The ground floor floor was paved with the characteristic Catalan tuff, handcrafted. And on the first floor pine parquet was installed, a warmer material. The owner personally took care of the distribution and decoration. His idea was to offer the visitor a perfect hotel for rest, with fair rooms to favor privacy and relaxation.

Canaleta Heras has three suites - each with a private interior garden or terrace of between 50 and 60 m² - and two double rooms. All offer a jacuzzi, satellite television, DVD, minibar, air conditioning and safe. The guest can also freely enjoy the common areas: the care 3,000 m² garden, pool, projection room, the meeting room, the massage room and the library. It is precisely in the latter where the visitor savors the exquisite breakfast based on products made by hand with ingredients from the region: sausages, l'Albera wines, the traditional coca ... The decoration is also part of that feeling of different space.

Architectural elements, such as vaults or stone walls, They have been painted an immaculate white. On them stand out the design furniture, which is combined with pieces of aged wood imported from Polynesia. The windows, from which the garden is contemplated merging with the amazing natural landscape of l'Albera, enhance the magic of the environment. And the Canaleta Heras is located in a very poorly urbanized area, surrounded by interesting megalithic and Romanesque constructions. But if you miss the tourist bustle, the town of Espolla is only 10 km from beaches such as Rosas, 4 km from the Peralada golf course and 15 km from the Gala-Savador Dalí Museum.

Address: Balmanya, 24. Espolla (Girona).
Phone: 972 563 101.
Fax: 972 545 080.
Web page:
Rooms: The hotel has 5 rooms: 3 suites - all with a terrace or private garden of about 50 m² - and 2 doubles.

Advertising - Keep reading below The hotel

It has a 3,000 m² garden with pool, sun loungers and outdoor breakfast tables. When the current owners acquired the farmhouse, this area was a field planted with a steep slope. The land was filled to level it and trees were planted to provide shade.


It includes a rest area decorated with the mythical Wassily chairs, designed by Marcel Breuer. From the large window you can see a small Japanese garden in which there are some Siam occasions.


It was located in the old block of the farmhouse. By rehabilitating the building, the four-point vaults of the roof were recovered, which had been hidden in previous reforms. The furniture is made of 300-year-old teak wood, from demolitions in Polynesia. Its aged finish enhances the feeling of warmth. In the library, the guest has totally free drinks.


served in the library, it includes hand-made gastronomic delicacies: pastries, sausages made with recipes from the area, the best wines from l'Albera or the typical freshly baked coca from the region.

Stone walls

they were painted white to recreate a Zen-inspired decoration. In the case of the library - where breakfast is served - wood and vegetable fiber furniture were selected that counteract the coldness of the white color and enhance a very cozy atmosphere.

The entry combines elements

original architectural, such as slate steps, and design pieces; for example, the black and white carpet or the composition with iron modules located next to the stairs.

The headboard of each bedroom

It is a different color: in this double room it is red. All hotel rooms have a jacuzzi, DVD, satellite TV, minibar, safe and air conditioning.

The suite bedroom

called "Corral" includes a seating area decorated with a black leather sofa - in tune with the headboard - and a coffee table. The dark color stands out on the white walls and on the floor, of pine flooring.

Each room

It has a private interior garden or a terrace decorated with plants, sun loungers and a seating area. From the terrace of the photo, of 60 m², you can see the square and the bell tower of Espolla.

The bathroom

This suite adapts to the sloping roof sloping. Next to the floor - paved with Catalan tuff - a window that allows the entrance of clarity and ventilation of the bathroom is striking.

How to get to the hotel.

Take the A-7 from Barcelona towards France. Take exit IV towards Figueres, surround this city on the N-II and continue towards La Jonquera. When you cross Pont de Molins you will find a detour to Espolla on the right.


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